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Having been started in 2013, BetterHelp has been helping people with its excellent range of therapy services. Thanks to their large pool of accredited and professional therapist, BetterHelp has grown to be one of the industry leaders in the online therapy space.

If you are seeking some help and are considering BetterHelp, you must definitely consider taking advantage of our exclusive Betterhelp discount code. By using our Betterhelp coupon code, you can save as much as 10% on your purchases.

Moreover, they also run several promotional campaigns, where they offer special discount codes on various occasions such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and a few others. By the way, the Betterhelp promo codes work only once per person. 

Will These Betterhelp Coupons Work?

Whenever you see coupon codes, this question may arise in your mind, right? Well, to be honest, pretty much everyone wonders whether discount codes work or not. To answer your question, well, it totally depends on where you acquire those coupon codes from. 

There are many websites that provide Betterhelp discount codes. However, not every discount code works. Some websites simply upload expired or fake promo codes. You may want to avoid such sites to save some time.

On the other hand, we, at HealthCanal ensure that we offer only verified and working Betterhelp coupons to our readers. Moreover, our promo code does not even have an expiry date. So, feel free to use our Betterhelp code any time you would like to. 

Is Betterhelp Free?

Betterhelp services are not free. However, their services are very affordable. Especially, when compared to other similar online therapy providers, Betterhelp has very moderate pricing plans. 

Betterhelp charges you on a weekly basis. And, the price depends on various factors such as your requirements, your therapist, and many more. The quality of their services and their large and professional therapist base are definitely worth the price.

Does Betterhelp Offer Free Trial?

Betterhelp does not offer a free trial. However, their plans are very affordable. They also provide discounts to people with low income, students, the disabled, and veterans. If you want to try the platform for a few days, you can proceed with their weekly plan.

Then, you can test out the platform and therapists for a week. By the end of it, you can make a decision. This way, you will not be spending a significant amount of money. 

How Do I Use Betterhelp Coupon Code?

Step 1: Visit the official website

Make sure that you visit the official website at betterhelp.com

Step 2: Choose the therapy

betterhelp promo code

Pick the right type of therapy for yourself

Step 3: Completing the questionnaire

betterhelp discount code

Now, complete the questionnaire with appropriate answers.

Step 4: Complete the order

betterhelp discount codes

Finally, after the questionnaire, register for an account. Once it is done, you can enter our coupon code “healthcanal” while making the payment, to enjoy 20% discount. 

Saving Tips

  1. Two conditions must be followed when using promo codes. If you want to make sure that you definitely save some money on your Betterhelp spending, then you must follow some important Betterhelp coupon-saving tips. First, make sure that you are not using more than one Betterhelp code at once. Because, on a purchase, you can only apply one Betterhelp coupon at a time. Simply put, it is not possible to have multiple discounts on a single order.
  2. While trying to apply a coupon code and get a discount, keep in mind that the Betterhelp coupons work only when applied on the official site. You can not make use of these codes and get discounts when you purchase these products on third-party websites. For this, ensure that you are on the official website of Betterhelp. Also, some coupon codes are meant for only certain Betterhelp products. So, check the terms and conditions of a code before trying to apply it.

Betterhelp Overview

Company’s Background

Betterhelp was founded in 2013, with the goal to help people suffering from different types of mental health issues in their lives. The company is known for its wide range of online therapy and therapy options. Ever since its inception, the company has grown by leaps and bounds. The credit grows to their legitimate and professional business practices and their high-quality services.

Betterhelp also boasts a large pool of professional and qualified therapists. They also ensure that they have highly experienced therapists on the platform. As of now, Betterhelp has helped more than two million patients. This is a testament to their ethical and efficient services.

Also, Betterhelp has very reasonable plans, especially when compared to other online therapy companies. They also offer discounts to students, veterans, and the disabled. Moreover, if you fall into the low-income category, you can also avail of some of their discounts as well. For more savings, you can apply our coupon code too. 

Available Therapy in Betterhelp

Betterhelp has a lot of therapy options. You can choose to pick any of these, according to your convenience and preference. For starters, you can start communicating with your therapist via a chat room. However, the response may not be instant through this method.

If you need faster communication, Betterelp also has a live chat option too. However, you would have to schedule this beforehand. For those of you who like to have a more lively conversation, Betterhelp lets you schedule a live phone session with your therapist.

Apart from these, you can also talk to your therapist through Betterhelp’s live video option. You need to take an appointment to enjoy this feature. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Betterhelp legit?

Yes, it is. BetterHelp has helped more than 2 million patients so far.

Does Betterhelp offer a free trial?

Currently, Betterhelp is not offering a free trial. But, you can purchase their weekly plan and see how it goes.

Does Betterhelp coupon code expire?

Our exclusive Betterhelp promo code does not have an expiry.

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