10 Mental Health Blogs We Enjoy Reading

One thing we love about the Internet is that it opens the door for conversation about mental health.

mental health blogs we enjoy reading

Across the world, people use blogs as a platform to share experiences, increase awareness and understanding, and provide comfort and support. And that’s a very good thing.

10 Mental Health Blogs We Like

We thought we’d pop a list together of the blogs we frequently read, admire and appreciate. We hope you enjoy them as we do.


The Mighty publish real stories by real people, living with disability, disease and mental illness. They aim to build a safe platform for their community to share their stories, connect with others and raise support for the causes they believe in. Their mental illness section is excellent, and covers a wide range of conditions.

2. The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive

Writer and mental health activist Seaneen started The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive ten years ago and has been sharing her experiences of being “mentally interesting” since. We love Seaneen’s humour, and warm, informal tone, as well as her “furious, hastily typed and unspellchecked rants”.


We are huge fans of Mind and the work they do to support those living with Mental Health problems. They use their blog to publish personal and relatable stories to help those living with mental illness feel cared about, understood and listened to.

4. Rethink Mental Illness

Rethink help people affected by mental illness by challenging attitudes, changing lives.  They publish a range of interesting articles and personal experiences in their ‘News and Views’ section.

5. Purple Persuasion

Award-winning blogger Charlotte Walker has been battling with mental distress for over 25 years and have been a mental health service user since 1994. Her blog Purple Persuasion offers a compelling insight into her experience of living with a serious mental illness.

6. National Elf Service

The National Elf Service’s ‘Mental Elf’  publishes evidence-based blogs on current mental health research and guidance. Posts are written by an expert team of mental health academics and practioners.


Sectioned is written by a blogger who was sectioned in one of Britain’s acute psychiatric hospitals in 2011. Since their discharge, they have published thorough and often hard-hitting commentary about mental health issues and mental healthcare. They are also very active on Twitter.

8. Time to Change

Time to Change seek to and change how people think and act about mental health problems. They share a range of personal stories about mental health that challenge stigma and help those who may (unfairly!) be feeling isolated, worthless and ashamed.

9. MQ

MQ is the the first major mental health research charity, who aim to create a world where mental illness is understood, effectively treated, and ultimately prevented. They share a range of articles on their blog, including personal stories and posts based on science and research.

10. Hyperbole and a Half

Unlike the other blogs in our list, web comic Hyperbole and a Half does not focus exclusively on mental health. We have included it because the posts ‘Adventures in Depression‘ and ‘Depression part 2‘ offer two of the most poignant (and somehow, hilarious) insights into living with depression we have seen.


What are your favourite mental health blogs? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • granpappy24

    has anyone read that book ‘mr peebles and dingus?’ it is a good satire on mental health and is quite amusing. i bought it on amazon

  • Looney Chick
    • The Blurt Foundation

      Thank you for sharing it with us – we will check it out 🙂

  • Janet Nicks

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/55531679484eced119b6e2ea5466373af4a6ae7c058d54dc1f970a24811eb0c3.jpg Great list of bloggers, I would like to recommend a project called AMHA, a young man started it who has autism and mental health, he has an amazing story which he blogs about and has created a fab website for others to freely blog and upload their story. It seems to be taking off really quickly. https://www.amha.org.uk

    • The Blurt Foundation

      That looks great! Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  • Alex

    I recently started a Blog: http://www.mentalityy.com designed to engage and support those with mental health related conditions. At this stage it would be great to get some feedback so if anyone has any comments to share, please get in touch.

    • The Blurt Foundation

      Thank you so much Alex – best for luck with your new blog.

  • Shruti Kasliwal

    Thank you for sharing list of blog mental health. its very helpful blog, jagruti rehab also provide the treatment of metal health. visit us https://goo.gl/GRAs21

    • The Blurt Foundation

      You are very welcome – thank you so much for the suggestion.

  • Fern Baddeley
    • The Blurt Foundation

      Thank you for sharing twinkletoes!

  • I have to say I agree with the list, although I think the mighty can be a bit repetitive for me – still worthy of top 10 though. Naturally the list is missing http://www.mindfump.com but other than that, top work!

    • The Blurt Foundation

      Thank you! We will definitely take a look before we compose any further lists.

  • Shahenaj


    A blog which aims to inspire and reach out to all those who are experiencing depression and anxiety whilst also breaking stigmas that are attached to the subject of mental health. non biased, optimistic yet never sugar coating the reality of the subjects discussed.

    Check it out! 🙂

    • The Blurt Foundation

      Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  • Margo Duarte

    I’d love you to check my blog out too! http://www.overcominganxietyblog.com it’s relatively new but I will be running interviews with a variety of mental health professionals about a variety of different things all related to anxiety. I trained as an Occupational Therapist but became ill soon after graduation which affected my career enormously, but now I train mental health professionals, the public and pretty much anyone who will attend my courses all about OCD and it’s impact.

    This is one of my newer blog posts!



    • The Blurt Foundation

      That looks brilliant Margo, thank you for sharing and good luck going forward with your blog.

      • Margo Duarte

        Thank you 🙂

  • The Blurt Foundation

    Thank you

  • The Blurt Foundation

    Thank you!

  • The Blurt Foundation

    Thanks so much

  • The Blurt Foundation

    Thank you so much Lisa.

  • Angelique Collins

    http://www.unapologeticallysorry.com and http://www.thebloggess.com are entertaining mental health blogs!

    • The Blurt Foundation

      Thank you Angelique

  • Mike G Lloyd

    I am starting a blog on Mental Health. All posts from the Internet and Youtube. Do call by and give me some feedback. (This is the beta version) thanks Mike
    I have just installed Google Analytics so it will be interesting to see what access data it collects

    • The Blurt Foundation

      Thank you for sharing this with us Mike.

  • Sonya Evans

    For a humorous, but heartbreakingly honest and open account of burnout and depression suffered as a result of being a teacher, read https://readafterburnout.com/2017/08/03/read-after-burnout-adventures-in-everyday-madness/

    • The Blurt Foundation

      Thanks so much for sharing this Sonya

  • Jessica Eden

    Hi, I’ve started a mental health blog where you can share your stories and methods of coping with the bad days. I also share my stories and experiences as I try to recover from depression. I hope for it to become a place where we can be a friend to each other in the hard times.

    Jess | https://walkwithjess.com/

    • The Blurt Foundation

      Thank you for sharing

  • Sonny Hawkins

    I’ve started a new project called AMHA | Autism Mental Health Awareness. Come check us out at https://www.amha.org.uk

    We also offer free advertising for fellow mental health and autistic bloggers. Get in touch via our site.

    • The Blurt Foundation

      Thank you

  • Amber Kemp

    I’m documenting my mental health recovery at my-lifeincolour.blogspot.co.uk 🙂 Thanks for the list!

    • The Blurt Foundation

      Thank you for sharing

  • Mackenzie Hanna


    See from the eyes of someone with Mental Illness

    • The Blurt Foundation

      Thank you!

  • Ella Morris

    I’m a little bit biased, but my blog over on Medium (https://medium.com/@Ella_Morris) is more of an educative wellness blog rather than diarising my personal experiences. I’d also recommend http://www.abeautifulchaos.co.uk

    • The Blurt Foundation

      Thanks so much for the tips!

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