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Kind words for unkind days

We Increase Understanding

At Blurt, we understand depression, because we’ve lived it too.

Depression is a common condition, yet it is chronically misunderstood.  While things *are* improving, stigma around mental illness still exists, and there are a lot of misconceptions about it.

As such, we’ve made it our mission to build awareness and understanding of depression, from the viewpoint of those who have experienced it.

"Too often we underestimate the power of a kind word, a listening ear, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around." - Leo Buscaglia

It's that 'knowing nod' thing

We know how difficult, and confusing, and bewilderingly overwhelming life can with depression can be.

And we know only too well how much difference an understanding ear and some empathetic words can make when we’re struggling with our existence.

That’s why we do what we do the way we do it. We provide free, accessible information for those who live with – or support someone with –  depression, and present in a friendly, easy-to-digest way.  Medical terminology and jargonese has its place, but its not on this here website: at Blurt, we speak human. And we’re determined to make a difference.

"Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery." - J.K. Rowling

Some of the ways we increase understanding

We put together useful resources

There’s a whole lot of info out in the ol’ world wide web, but it can be difficult to track down stuff about depression that you don’t need a medical degree and/or a superhero concentration span to understand.

Our resource pages collate the info we need in simple way.

We talk about what living with depression is really like

We blog about living with, managing and supporting others with depression. We make sure our posts feel  friendly as well as informative, and everything we write is served with a great big dollop of empathy.

It’s hard sometimes to put depression into words; we have a jolly good go at it, so that you don’t always have to.

We kick-start conversations

On the 2nd Tuesday, of every month, we’ll be live on Twitter at 8pm (GMT) to facilitate a conversation about a topic related to mental health.

Anyone with a Twitter profile can join in the conversation. And because it’s live, the hope is that it’ll be a buoyant hour which will be jam-packed with discussion, connection, advice-sharing and empathy.

We speak at events

Social media is quite often link to mental health in a negative way, but for those of us with depression, it might be our window into the outside world.

When we were asked to speak at TEDxBrum, we wanted to discuss the ways in which social media can also be used in a positive way, when used in the right way for us.

“Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another and feeling with the heart of another.” – Alfred Adler


We know how lonely depression can feel. How scary, how confusing, how disorientating. We know how hard it is to live with.

But we also know that things will get better. We know that recovery is possible. And if you’re suffering, we know – we know for certain – that you are by no means alone with it.

We understand, and we’re right here with you.

The Blurt Team

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