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Depression vs Confidence

Confidence – it grows on trees, doesn’t it? At least, we’d think it did if we listened to all the people who helpfully told us that we just need more confidence. But when we’re in the midst of depression, the confidence trees are in short supply. It’s a tree-free landscape – a bleak, barren moor,…

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5 Steps You Can Take to Rebuild Self-Esteem

Depression thrives on low self-esteem. Having low self-esteem means we often see ourselves in an unforgiving, and skewed perspective. We might struggle to assert and express ourselves. Feeling as though we’re always the toxic, negative person in a relationship or situation. As though we’re ruining the lives of those closest to us and as though…

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I’ve Lived With A Bully My Whole Life

I’ve lived with a bully my whole life. For as long as I remember, it’s been there. Mocking me. Criticising me. Attacking me. Telling me I’m stupid, disgusting, worthless. Bombarding me with a constant barrage of negativity. “Why did you do that? You’re such an idiot.  Surely you should know better than that by now. What a…

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Depression: Why Self-Care Matters

Depression - Why Self Care Matters

When you’re depressed, it’s difficult to care about anything – least of all ourselves. However, self-care is one of the key tools in our armoury for combating depression, so it’s important we make it a priority. What is Self-care? Self-care is the actions we undertake to look after ourselves, physically, emotionally and mentally. It incorporates the essential acts of care that…

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Want To End It All? Please Read This

Want to End it All Please Read This Suicide

Thank you for stopping to read this. Thank you for letting us sit with you. We know how much you’re hurting. We understand that choosing to open this wasn’t easy. We can’t fix everything for you, but we can sit with you until it feels a little less intense. You are not a bad person…

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