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Facilitate A Peer-Led Mental Health Session

These sessions are based around the thinking that ‘We All Have A Story’ – because we all do. There’ll be someone we work with who has/who is or who will experience mental ill health at some point.

We’ve designed the sessions with peers in mind, we could absolutely (and we still will if you’d like us to) rock-up and deliver a session for you but there’s something quite magical that happens when our peers stand up and share their stories; we listen harder, we take it in, we learn more and their stories often make a long-lasting impression on us. When someone is brave enough to open the door of vulnerability, it’s not at all long before someone else walks through it. Research from Kings College London also tells us that the best way to diminish mental health stigma is by communicating with those who have experienced mental ill health.

Developing a supportive workplace culture starts with people – seeing people as people, understanding what’s going on for them, hearing about their needs and experiences.

That’s our vision for these sessions, that they’re informal, impactful and that they make a difference for time to come. They also touch on something that underpins who we are and what we do; our mental health.

We’ve put together a physical speaker’s pack that we’ll send in the post and online resources to help the session to get going and we hope it’ll be a two-way conversation. We’ll also support you in any way we can to help your session be tailored to you and the people you work with.

If you’d like to facilitate a Peer-Led Mental Health Session, please complete the form below:

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