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Blurt's Support Squad

Thank you ever so much for taking an interest in supporting us and the work we do, we have to admit; you’re a sight for sore eyes.

At Blurt, we’re dedicated to helping those affected by depression. The work we do is vital but we couldn’t do any of it, without our awesome support squad.

The World Health Organisation estimates there are more than 300 million people in the world living with depression right now. In the UK, 1 in 5 people experience depression and anxiety – with an 18% increase between 2005 and 2015. And sadly, we’re seeing a frightening increase in rates of mental ill health in young people. So you see, your help has come at the right time and is desperately needed.

It’s probable that you know someone who has depression right now; who might be struggling with the despair, shame and isolation that depression so often brings. Depression has a ripple effect in that it doesn’t just affect those with the illness, but those closest to them too. With your help, we can continue providing support, information and resources to aid a tailored, proactive recovery.

When you support us, whether that be joining our Fundraising Squad, joining Team Blurt-it-out, being a Social Mover and Shaker, or making a donation, you truly are making an enormous difference.

The Blurt Team <3

What We Do and Why It's Important

1. We increase understanding
While depression is a common condition, there are a lot of misconceptions about it. At Blurt we work hard to increase understanding of depression, from the perspective of those who’ve actually experienced it.

We blog about living with, managing, and supporting others with depression in a friendly, accessible way. Our resources explain key issues clearly – we don’t believe in complicating things unnecessarily. Plus everything we do comes with a heavy dollop of empathy.

2. We champion you
We know how difficult it is living with depression, so we’re always looking for ways to give our community a little lift.

On social media, we share useful and relatable content, and do our darndest to make sure no comment goes unanswered. We also send out messages of hope and encouragement once a week to our email subscribers – these ’nuggets of kindness’ are praised by our audience for making dark days feel just that little bit brighter.

We don’t want anyone to ever feel like they have to struggle alone.

3. We collaborate
Mental health is just as important as physical health, and we’re working hard to get that message out there.

We raise awareness, provide tools and knowledge to help proactive recovery and challenge the stigma that prevents people reaching out for help.

We work closely with medical practitioners, employers, schools and companies to help them understand depression, what it means and how they can support those affected by it.

“I recommend your book and website to my patients as I am so sure that it will be an invaluable piece of their mental health toolkit. Thank you for the work you do.  I feel we are on the way to a better outlook for everyone who struggles with their mental wellbeing.” – NHS Mental Health Nurse

“You don’t know the difference it makes to get a message like this in your email box – it is HUGE!! It keeps that precious thing – HOPE alive.  It keeps me trying to get through another setback, helps me get up, regroup and go again.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you.”

“Thank you for your posts.  They always seem to say the right thing to me and speak such sense!  I was feeling down again after having a good run of feeling ‘ok’ and this article showed me its ‘ok’ to be feeling like this, it reassures me.  Thank you.”

“Thank you so much for spreading the message that it’s ok to just ‘be’.  So many of the positive wellbeing blogs and social media profiles focus on things you can DO to be better at this or that, or rules and pressure to tick boxes to make yourself perfectly balanced.  Under the pretence that it will make you feel better and more complete.  And it just feels like I’m adding to this massive to do list.  Your messages and approach is so refreshing.”

“Thank You – really needed to read my weekly email from you.  I have had a difficult week and people that don’t understand depression can make it feel worse…appreciate encouraging words much more than you know….”

“You guys do awesome work, from all us struggling warriors, thank you so much for helping us and giving us a way to help each other.”

Join Our Fundraising Squad

We really understand how devastating depression can be. Jobs come to an end, relationships break down and lives can be lost, all through the effect of depression.

That’s why the work we do here at Blurt is so important – it not only changes lives, but saves them. With your help, that’s bound to be amplified, magnified and brilliant-ified.

I’m in, what now?

  1. We’ve put together some fundraising packs to support you and to help you rally your troops – they’re available to order below, or by clicking here:
  2. Depending on what your fundraising event might be, you can also set-up a fundraising page on LocalGiving, the best bit about doing this is that you can share the links on social media (and if you @ us on Twitter, we’ll share them for you too). Usually, the sharing of our stories and of our ‘why’ for fundraising can resonate with others and LocalGiving allows space for you to share that if you feel comfortable in doing so.
  3. Lean on us – we love collaborating, so if there’s anything we can do to help you, anything extra you’d like to help you, any ideas you have that you’d like to share, any hand-holding, pep talking, pom-pom shaking we can do, any queries, quibbles, or questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a nudge.
  4. We’d totally love the opportunity to sing your praises and so we’ve set up this page for you to send us in photos and information so that we can sing from the rooftops about you.

Our fundraising packs include a temporary tattoos, stickers, a collection box and a copy of our A-Z of Fundraising Ideas. Please complete the form below if you’d like one to help you get started:


Join Team Blurt-it-out

It’s our hope that with societal shifts leading to more awareness and understanding surrounding mental health, organisational culture evolves too; into supportive, open, encouraging, flexible places to work and be. A culture change is always an inside job, always.

We’re challenging all organisations, of all shapes and sizes – from FTSE 100 companies to grassroots ones, from schools to support groups, from sports teams to soft plays – to host a mental health session, delivered by someone on the inside.


Because, as well as evidence and reports aplenty about why the cultural changes are well overdue, we all already have stories and we all have mental health.

Stats say 1 in 4 of us will experience mental ill health in our lifetimes – this means that your organisation or group will have members who have experienced mental illness or are experiencing these issues right now. By giving them the chance to speak to their peers we give others a chance to learn from their insights and experiences. We respect our peers, we can relate to them far more than a stranger from a mental health organisation who comes in with slides and stories. When we hear it from someone who is ‘like’ us, it hits home much harder and makes a longer-lasting difference. We realise, if it can happen to someone ‘like’ us, it can happen to us too.

We’ll support you all the way too: we’ve put together a tailorable session framework, video guides to encourage, guide and generate ideas, accumulated lots of resources to help you pic ‘n’ mix the content which best supports the personal stories, and we’re on hand to answer any questions, queries or quibbles, you may have. If needed, we can liaise with the decision-makers in your organisation, on your behalf.

Yes, I want to do this. What next?

  • Chat to the decision-maker(s) and tell them all about Team Blurt-it-out – send them a link to this page or email us their contact details and we’ll get in touch with them for you.
  • Once a date for the session has been confirmed, please complete this form so that we can get the ball rolling and equip you with everything you need to start preparing for the session.
  • Lean on us – we love working collaboratively so if there’s anything we can do to help you, anything extra you’d like to help you, any ideas you have that you’d like to share, any hand-holding, pep talking, pom-pom shaking we can do, any queries, quibbles, or questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a nudge.
  • We’d totally love the opportunity to sing your praises and so we’ve set up this page for you to send us in photos and information about your event so that we can share them and sing loudly and proudly.
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Your donations mean we can continue our important work which not only changes lives, it saves them too – THANK YOU!

Be a Social Mover and Shaker

Once upon a time, we would use dictionaries, encyclopedias, textbooks or ask people we trusted to refer us to an authority on a topic.  With ‘ask Google’ becoming a verb, it’s clear that times have changed. But when it comes to the stigma of mental health? We’ve not moved on half as quickly.

One of the first things we do when we receive a diagnosis of any kind is to learn about it. Across the internet, there’s factual information aplenty about what depression is, what it’s like to live with and the things we can do to try and manage it. Whilst it’s important to have that readily available, what’s equally important, is to be able to hear about the experiences of people we can relate to.

We underestimate the power of our stories but they’re mighty. Our hindsight can serve as incredibly useful foresight for someone else. Our stories can empower, harness hope and help people to feel less alone. They can also inspire, educate, increase understanding and challenge the stigma around poor mental health.

We’re encouraging anyone with a social media platform to share their story on Friday 21st September 2018 as part of The Big Blurtathon; to talk about their experience of mental ill health in a way that feels comfortable. Because when we open the door to vulnerability, it makes it easier for others to walk through; we kickstart those ever-important conversations which might go unspoken otherwise.

All the yeses, what now?

We’re asking people to share their insights and experiences of depression – we want to highlight the reality of depression, the impact depression has had on our lives, giving people a chance to share ‘what you don’t see’.

  • Have a think about what that might look like. Will you write a blog post or a series of tweets? Perhaps you’ll record a podcast or a short film? Maybe you’d feel more comfortable hosting a Q&A session online, or offline.
  • Schedule the publication date to coincide with The Big Blurtathon – 21st September 2018.
  • If you really feel uncomfortable sharing your story, perhaps you could borrow ours, write about this campaign or share/regram/RT the stories of others.
  • Please use the hashtag #weallhaveastory and don’t forget to link to us and tag us so we can thank you and share on our platforms too.If you’re a little stuck, have ideas you’d like to sound out with someone, or would like some more guidance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. – we’d love to help.

Your donations mean we can continue our important work which not only changes lives, it saves them too – THANK YOU!

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