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Our 'Refer a Friend' Programme

We’re incredibly lucky to be so well-supported. Our community is generous in their sharing and caring, steadfast in their encouragement, and so so passionate about raising awareness and understanding of depression.

To thank the people who shout from the rooftops about BuddyBox and all of our self-helpful and self-caring shop products, we’ve introduced a ‘Refer a Friend’ programme.

As long as you have a customer account with us, you will now find a new tab inside your account dashboard: ‘referrals’. That tab includes your very own unique link. Whenever you share that link with friends, whether that be on social media, in Whatsapp, or email, if they buy something using that link (that’s the important bit – it must be using your unique link) then you’ll earn 10% of their order as shop credit in your account. That credit can be used to buy anything in our shop and can even be used towards your next BuddyBox subscription payment.

We’ve not put any limits on the amount of store credit you might accumulate either – the more friends who know about us and shop our stuff, the more you have to spend in shop credit.

How it works

1. You’ll need a customer account with us.

2. Go to your customer account dashboard, and click on the ‘referrals’ tab. In that tab, you can find your unique referral link.

3. Share that link with all your friends; via social media posts, emails, Whatsapp.

4. Cross your fingers, toes, and ears, that your friends welcome their introduction to us.

5. If a friend shops with us using your unique referral link then you’ll receive 10% of their order value as shop credit as soon as the order is complete (dispatched by us).

6. You can apply the credit you’ve earned to anything you wish to buy from us.


What are the exceptions?
The only exceptions are donations and any voluntary contributions to our download library.

How will I know if one of my friends has placed an order using my unique referral link?
You’ll receive an email every time the referral has been approved which will be when the order has been marked as dispatched on our system.

When do I receive my shop credit?
The referral credit will remain pending until we dispatch the order placed. If the order contains a monthly BuddyBox which is dispatched on the 9th (or next working day) of the month, then you’ll receive your shop credit once that order has been marked complete on the 9th (or the next working day). All other shop items are dispatched within 2-5 working days of the order being placed, so you can expect your shop credit to clear within 2-5 working days of the order being placed. As soon as your friend’s order is as dispatched, the referral credit will appear in your account dashboard, in the referrals tab.

Can’t I have cash instead?
No, sorry, shop credit only.

My friend said they’d placed an order but I didn’t receive any shop credit – why?
In most cases, this is because your friend didn’t use your unique link – they must do this for the referral to count.

On other occasions, that’ll be because the order hasn’t yet been dispatched, please see When do I receive my shop credit? above.

What measures do you have in place to prevent misuse?
We have fraud prevention in place which means if there’s any suspicious activity relating to IP addresses, postal addresses, emails, placed and quickly cancelled orders, they’ll get picked up and we’ll receive a notification to look into those. Anybody who misuses this programme will lose access to it and any shop credit will be revoked.

I’ve got a question that you’ve not answered, here, what do I do?
Please get in touch.

Your donations mean we can continue our important work which not only changes lives, it saves them too – THANK YOU!

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