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You Don’t Have To Grin And Bear It


How often do you tell someone what you’re really feeling? How often do you say no to taking on extra work, or decline to do someone ‘just’ a small favour? If you’re anything like us, it’s not often enough. Even when we’re running on empty, and pretty close to breaking point, we don’t like to let others down or burden them with our problems. We keep on taking on more and more, and we don’t tell anyone that we’re struggling. Chin up: keep calm and carry on.

We really don’t have to grin and bear it though. We deserve a break. We deserve to be able to say no to things that ask too much from us, and to be able to offload. This BuddyBox gives us the opportunity to pause and do something just for ourselves. It’ll enable us to identify wonky boundaries, and unhelpful patterns, and hopefully, make a change for the better.

What are people saying?

#blurtbuddybox This has got to be one of my favourite boxes ever! The bears are so cute, I love @rosiejohnsonillustrates and a bath and a massage sounds like exactly what I need right now. Maintaining healthy boundaries is so important for mental health and so very difficult too so any bolstering of this is super welcome

The blurt box was really cool this month, I’ve been really into relaxing baths recently, so the bath bomb will be really nice this evening to use, the massage ball also looks really interesting, I’m excited to try this, although I’m not sure how I could use it myself on my back? ? The postcard and ‘I need to say no’ notebook are also really good as I have a tendency to say yes to things that I don’t even want to do out of pressure.

I’d forgotten that I’d ordered this but it’s an absolute stonker of a box this month & exactly what I need, whilst I’m below par

Rosie Johnson Walking the Tightnope A5 Pad RRP £4.95
Sunday Rain Himalayan Massage Salt Massage Ball RRP £7
Gnaw Hot Chocolate Stick RRP £2
Pause: 100 Moments of Calm RRP £6.99
Polar Bear Bath Fizzer RRP £3.99

We also have a BuddyBox subscription available!

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  • Please allow 2-5 working days for dispatch

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