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When Life Stinks


Sometimes life just stinks, it really does. We might have had a spell of bad luck or had something awful happen to us. There’s just no putting a positive spin on it. All those Pinterest-worthy motivational quotes suddenly just sound hollow, shallow, and, frankly, rage-inducing. The glass isn’t half empty, it’s smashed on the floor and the water has evaporated.

It won’t last forever though. Knowing that doesn’t lessen the distress or pain you’re in at the moment, but someday (hopefully soon), things will be okay. In the meantime, there are things we can do that can help us feel even the tiniest bit better. This where this BuddyBox comes in: packed full of thoughtful, mood-lifting treats, it’ll nourish and comfort you, while encouraging self-care.

What are people saying about this box?

#blurtbuddybox Yay Buddy Box Day! This month is When Life Stinks and it’s amazing. There’s a huuuuge @misspatisserieuk mango bath slab which smells delicious, a super cute collection of Kind Cards for Unkind Days by @stacieswift for @theblurtfoundation drawn by little kids which is so adorable and I love them so much, a Do Diary to encourage you to think about what you want to do and plan, then do it, and of course the ever amazing blurt zine and postcard. I get the ‘light’ box and it’s always got good stuff in and is £12.50 including postage so I highly recommend.

I’ve been ordering these little boxes for the last few months now from @theblurtfoundation. They are a charity which aim to increase awareness and understanding of mental health. These little boxes are lovely little bit of self care when you need a bit of a pick me up.

Every month I get my #buddybox from the @theblurtfoundation and am always like “This is the best box I have gotten so far!” Then the following month’s box arrives and I’m once again floored by what I’ve received. At the moment my life definitely stinks. It’s coming up to the end of the academic year and teacher tiredness is definitely setting in so this was just what I needed.

It came this morning; my mum had bought it as a surprise! This is the “for when life stinks” one (hence the skunk! ?). It’s honestly SO lovely and exactly what I needed. It has a big (and glorious smelling) bath bomb, a quote on a postcard, a notebook that encourages you to write different things, a cute little magazine and some kindness cards. The kindness cards have to be my favourite thing ?? They’re drawn and written by children (see pictures for two of my favourites) and they are just amazing. The way they’re designed by children just makes them so much more special and heartwarming, I honestly can’t tell you how lovely they are. This little box was just what I needed ?? Keep doing what you’re doing @theblurtfoundation ?

54 Kind Cards for Unkind Days Card Pack RRP £8.95
Miss Patisserie Mango Bath Slab RRP £5.50
Cedar Leaf Incense In A Tin (50 sticks) RRP £4.95
‘Much Needed Break’ Door Hanger RRP £3.50
Scratch Off: Do, Thank or Believe RRP £3.33

We also have a BuddyBox subscription available!

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Photo: Holly Booth

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