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‘Today, I’m Proud That I…’ Sticky Notes


Courage doesn’t appear from nowhere, it stems from a feeling of self-belief and so, we’ve designed some sticky notes to help you record your proud bits day-by-day, step-by-step, because that’s how mountains are climbed – step-by-step.

100 sheets per pad

  • We’re shipping worldwide too

Photo: Holly Booth Photography

About the Illustrator: Dom Hardy

Dom is a self-taught artist with a real passion for capturing little moments in life. He loves the outdoors and gets mesmerised by how things change depending on the light that’s cast on them. He believes you can achieve anything with a little determination and support. Dad to Peggy and husband to Jayne (Blurt’s founder). Likes forests, ice cream and the smell of cut grass. Dislikes arrogance, marzipan and heights!

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