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The Kindfulness Club BuddyBox


There’s no escaping the pervasive feeling that, over the past few years, society has become progressively less kind, less empathetic, and more divisive. In our fast-paced, go-getting, always-be-hustling modern world, kindness is sometimes suggested to be naive, or even weak. This isn’t true though. Kindness is vastly underrated. Actively choosing to be kind, and looking for opportunities to express kindness, has always been an act of strength, and courage. And, right now, when it feels easier to be detached, disinterested, or uncaring, being kind is revolutionary.

One small act of kindness has a ripple effect, generating further acts of kindness which spread exponentially. Our days are made better by the person who compliments our jumper, or lets us pull out of a junction. We remember the acts of kindness we’ve received for a long time too. Of course, kindness isn’t just about other people though, it’s about us too. We flourish when we’re kind to ourselves, when we treat ourselves with the same compassion, understanding and acceptance that we’d extend to others. The more we practise kindness, the easier it becomes. That’s why we’ve created the Kindfulness Club BuddyBox. Packed with affirming, encouraging, and thought-provoking items, this box will help you to tap into the magic of kindness. It’ll get you to practise being kinder to yourself, and encourage you to keep an eye out for opportunities to be kind to everyone else. Let’s make the world a kinder place, together. Join our Kindfulness Club!


2020 The Happiness Planner RRP £8.95
The Kindfulness Club Tote RRP £12.00
2020 The Year Of Kindfulness Calendar RRP £5.95
The Kindfulness Club Enamel Pin RRP £7.00
Rosie Johnson Card Set RRP £3.00
Blurt Zine Issue 37 RRP £0.55

What are people saying about this box?

Last month I treated myself to a #blurtbuddyboxand it arrived today! So many lovely things inside to cheer me up. Every day is different, but last month I was really struggling with my own mental health. I felt like I was being weighed down and that feeling still comes and goes.
The @theblurtfoundation have great advice on their website. They have items in their shop to buy or free downloads to help manage feelings and mood. Definitely worth a look.

A birthday treat and a quiet announcement!
Absolutely love this months #blurtbuddybox . My favourite thing about them is normally how many of the lovely treats (and happy feels) I can share with my friends but I must admit, I am going to be pretty selfish with this one, and feel absolutely zero guilt! @theblurtfoundation thankyou especially for the desk calendar which will get me through the next year!

@theblurtfoundation, you have done a fab job with this month’s box!! I absolutely love it! It may be dark and dreary outside but this box has definitely brought a ray of sunshine into my life today! I can’t wait to get started with my “Happiness Planner!”

So today I received an incredible gift in the post. A buddy box from @theblurtfoundation all about kindness! The last few months, ok, years, have been rough in terms of health. Kindnesses of all sizes are appreciated. Scroll to see what’s inside, pics 3 and 4 contain spoilers. The personalised note may have made me cry a happy tear.

In love with my first @theblurtfoundation Buddy Box
Massive bonus – I got another pin

Oh this might be my favourite #blurtbuddybox ever! The little desk calendar is perfect – I’m using last year’s self-kindness one in my workspace. And I can’t wait to tackle the Happiness Planner. This present that I give myself every month has given me so much more than just stuff in a box

Received my #blurtbuddybox today, full of lovely things to cheer me up

If you’re a fellow glumble and don’t already follow @theblurtfoundation, I’d definitely suggest doing so

About the Illustrator: Rosie Johnson

Rosie is an illustrator and occasional pantomime writer living and working in Exmouth, Devon. Once a primary school teacher, Rosie now spends her time drawing, painting, writing and getting angry at politics from the comfort of her garden studio.

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Photo: Holly Booth Photography


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