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Kind words for unkind days

‘Rooting for You’ Enamel Pin


Sometimes, we have a friend going through a rough patch but we don’t really know what to say or do. The words we want to say move clumsily around our mouth. We open and close the same blank text message over and over again, because we can’t think what to write.

We’ve got your back.

This ‘Rooting For You’ pin says ‘I care’ without the worry of having to find the ‘right’ words. It’s a little token to let our loved ones know that we’re by their side. Even better – it’s wearable! So we can, quite literally, be with them wherever they go.

What’s Included?

  • A hard enamel pin with black nickel plating and a butterfly clasp
  • At the widest points, this pin is 20mm x 25mm
  • Packaged in a cellophane sleeve to protect your pin

Is this a gift?

  • Include a note at checkout – we’ll pop it in the parcel
  • If you’d like to buy a card, you can find them here. We even have a card designed for those times when we don’t know what to say.

Don’t Just Take It From Us…
You are the BEST eggs. Every time I see a new patch or pin I get so excited, so many of my friends have bought these now because I stick the cards everywhere. The self-kindness Squad card, with the reminder, is on my mirror and it works.

Finding new ways of sneakily (and not so sneakily) finding out my friends addresses to send them a cute little pick-me-up from @BlurtAlerts!

Thankyou for such a lovely site. I have been going through a tough time lately so think a buddy box will be a nice reminder to take care of myself. I also ordered some stuff for a friend – it’s great that we can share with another.

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