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A Ponder And A Wander


Life never seems to go quite to plan, does it? It’s rife with unforeseen stuff that can derail us and that derailing can feel really unsettling.

Being derailed is sometimes a blessing in disguise, it can give us a chance to recalibrate and re-focus. You see, set plans don’t tend to take into account the convoluting nature of life with its curveballs and obstacles. We quite often find ourselves thrown off track, needing to pivot, tweak and flex.

July’s BuddyBox encourages us to get off the beaten track, to deviate from our set-in-stone plans, to ponder as we wander and make time to enjoy our time. It’s full of nature-inspired, affirming and calming products to help us to do just that.

What are people saying about this box?

Buddy Box with a hefty dose of kindness and love again this morning remembering that I am “enough” just as I am is one of my biggest struggles, and little reminders like this are just what I need to lift me up now and again. A reminder that, whilst there’s always room for self-improvement… it’s okay to just *be*, as well.

[T]his month’s buddy box from @theblurtfoundation arriving earlier than I expected was a much needed treat!
Needless to say I opened it as soon as it arrived! I have no self control but in all fairness I really look forward to my little goodies each month as they remind me that I am worth taking care of.

Getting in from work and my buddy box had arrived – so in love with this months edition!!

It’s like Christmas receiving my buddy box, the excitement of what’s in the box

Absolutely love this [keyring] from this months #buddybox

The Little Book of Mindfulness II £6.99
We All Get A Little Lost Keyring £5.95
12 Ponder-ful Colouring Postcards in a Book £5.95
Dr Botanical Coconut Oil Bar £14.50
Dotcomgiftshop Colouring Pencils £1.50

We also have a BuddyBox subscription available!

  • International delivery available
  • Please allow 2-5 working days for dispatch

Photo: Holly Booth

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