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We can’t tell you just how thankful we are that you’d like to set up a monthly donation.

Here at Blurt, we are dedicated to helping those affected by depression. Since 2015, we’ve been creating resources about living with, managing, and supporting others with depression. Recognising that, for people experiencing depression, social media often becomes their window into the outside world, we also share useful and relatable content across our social media platforms. We host a monthly Twitter chat where we discuss a mental-health related topic with our audience – providing them with an opportunity to engage in peer support.

As part of our mission to meet people where they are, we have developed a peer-led and co-produced education programme to help young people to learn about vital skills, such as resilience, empathy, self-care, boundaries and confidence, from a young age. This is vital work: in a 2019 survey of over 8,600 school staff, over 80% said that mental health among their students had deteriorated in the past two years, reporting increased incidence of anxiety, self-harm and suicide. Crucially this project will be offered at no cost to the school. Your donation enables us to continue proving this project for free, in as many schools as possible.

We know just how valuable our work is. Every month, we receive hundreds of comments, emails, and messages from people who have found our resources useful. Here’s a 98-page-pdf snippet of some of the feedback our incredible team has received. In 2019, 1,280,095 unique users visited our website. Our self-care starter kit has been downloaded over 15,000 times. We know that mental health teams, counsellors, and therapists use the resources we create, and work through them with their patients – they have been downloaded tens of thousands of times. Your donation will allow us to develop new, valuable resources and sources of support.


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Your donations mean we can continue our important work which not only changes lives, it saves them too – THANK YOU!

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