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February's BuddyBox

February’s BuddyBox


Self-kindness can feel elusive – of course we want to be kind to ourselves but the reality of that can be a bloomin’ struggle.

We put together the ‘Self-Kindness Squad’ BuddyBox to give you a helping hand. Whether it be working through those pesky thoughts, protecting ourselves from bugs and using some of the products to serve as daily reminders.

All aided by our good friend ‘Slothy’.*

The relationship we have with ourselves, really is the most important relationship of all, but we know how tricky that relationship can be too.

We hope that February’s BuddyBox helps you find some ways to show yourself the compassion and tenderness that you extend to your loved ones every day. You really are worth it.

t+ Immunitea 
The Make Arcade Sloth Keyring Kit
Self-Kindness Squad Mug
Self-Kindness Squad Wall Decal
Mapology Guide What’s Bugging You?
Issue 5: Blurt Zine

Here’s what people are saying about this beaut of a box:

daniela_rd15In love with my #buddybox <3 #blurtbuddybox #blurtfoundation#selfcare

animalz_over_peopleCan’t recommend #buddybox more! Thought I’d try it out and I was so pleased to find these little treasures inside! Left me with a smile on my face after a long day at work!<3 #blurtbuddybox @theblurtfoundation I feel like everything inside truly comes from a warm place, like everyone who puts into thinking of ideas for this box understands mental illness and how hard things can be and it means a lot <3

janecrowtherswSo excited to receive my #blurtbuddybox from @theblurtfoundation today! It always comes at EXACTLY the right time, when I need it the most! Self kindness is definitely a new concept that I’m learning!! #buddybox #selfcare#selfkindnesssquad #selfkindness#selflove #mentalhealth#mentalhealthawareness

mrssedgeleyWhat an amazing, thoughtful sister I have @rebeccaflorencealice <3 she sent me a #blurtbuddybox and brought so much light to my weekend! #feelingblessed#actofkindness

blahblahbookSo today, I received the most amazing gift through the post. The person who sent it to me didn’t leave their name, but they wanted me to know that I am loved, and that even when I feel I am invisible – I’m not. The person who sent me this is amazing, and wonderful, and thoughtful, and knows me ridiculously well. I honestly wish I had the words to be able to express how much this means to me. I’m not used to thinking that I matter to people. I don’t understand why someone would be so nice to me. But I am very grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful people. And this one Radom act of kindness has done so much for me. The world is full of beautiful things and beautiful people – you just have to be able to see it. <3 #bookstagram #bookstagrammer#surprisegift #randomacts#randomactsofkindness #buddybox#blurtbuddybox @theblurtfoundation

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