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54 Ways To Ease The Anxious Mind Card Pack

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There are times when it all gets a bit much and our brains hop into flight or fight mode (sometimes at the most unexpected and nonsensical of times, too). Our breathing quickens, the head-fog descends and/or we might experience sensory overload.

Within this pack are 54 ways to ease an anxious mind. The card pack is small enough to take with you wherever you go, so that whenever an anxious moment, or string of such moments, arises, you can dive in and find something to do to help you minimise the anxiety stress or panic. If you choose a card that doesn’t quite work for you in that moment, pick another until you find one that does.

Here are some examples of the sorts of things the cards say:
‘Do something you loved as a child’

‘Play a game on your phone or do a puzzle-book puzzle’

‘Count backwards from 10’

  • 54 Cards in a pack
  • Card dimensions: 64mm x 90mm
  • International delivery available

Photo: Holly Booth

About the Illustrator: Fern Choonet

Fern Choonet is an illustrator from Bangkok, Thailand currently based in Tokyo, Japan. Ever since she was little, she has always loved drawing and that brought her to continue her art education in Toronto, Canada.

She loves using bright colours and patterns to make light-hearted illustrations for clients across the world.

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