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kind words for unkind days

Download: You’re The Poodle’s Noodles Workbook


The pages of this workbook are designed to highlight and celebrate all of the wonderful, shiny things that make you who you are. It is packed with prompts and ideas to help you take stock of all of the great things that flow from the inside out.

By walking you through different activities, it will encourage you to recognise things in yourself that you probably tend to overlook, things you’ve achieved, progress you have made and other wonderful things that make you the utterly incredible human being that you are. (Don’t worry, it’s okay if you need reminding sometimes!)

Each prompt or activity will help you celebrate your achievements, feel empowered and inspire you to empty all of your internal rainbows and sunshine onto the pages so you can get a glimpse of that sparkle you constantly emit to everyone around you.

When you’ve completed this workbook, it will be a resource that you can come back to whenever you need – your own personal sensory self-care toolkit!

Voluntary Contribution * 

It’s important that these resources are as accessible as possible to as many as possible. They’re used in therapy sessions, within schools, in libraries, in NHS teams and within inpatient services. Thousands of people say that they’re incredibly helpful.

If you’re in a place where you’re able to, we’d appreciate any contribution whatsoever for using this (and any other) resource to help support the work we do to helping those affected by depression, including our free-to-schools education programme: The Blurt Peer Project.


Your donations mean we can continue our important work which not only changes lives, it saves them too – THANK YOU!

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