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Kind words for unkind days

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We all have triggers. Maybe it’s a certain smell that reminds us of a relative. A song that takes us back to a specific time in our life. Perhaps it’s a snack that reminds us of a club we went to as a kid.

There are also triggers that are currently unidentified. Perhaps it’s a topic of conversation that we didn’t realise still bothered us. Maybe it’s a situation that unexpectedly prompts a flashback. It could be a dream that we wake up from feeling icky.

Triggers can be tricky. Tricky to identify and tricky to cope with. Identifying them is the first step in coping with them. When our trigger-spidy-senses start to fizzle write it down. Then, write down any feelings, thoughts, and situations, words or conversations that lead to those thoughts and feelings. Once we start to understand our triggers, we can learn coping mechanisms for them. Over time, our tricky triggers can become slightly-less-tricky triggers.

What do people say about our work?

“Good morning
I hope this finds you well.
I’m writing to let you know that today’s email moved me – the timing is uncanny.
There have been struggles here and the knowledge that I am not a failure is something I need to hold on to.
So, thank you.”
“Thank you. Surprisingly, I found you at a time when I felt as if I had lost everything that connected me to life. This morning, as I was thinking of myself as too unsuccessful to have a right to live, your e-mail arrived. I needed someone to say this to me so badly. But I didn’t know that I needed it…
Words are not magic to fix all terrible situations but they make me feel that I’m not alone completely. I don’t know if you, team, will see this but thank you.”

“I love receiving your emails, they are the best part to the weekend and I always look forward to the Saturday email from you. Thank you so much for all that you do! I have just ordered July buddy box. I sent one to a friend recently, a build your own, who was going through a hard time and he enjoyed his.
Thank you for everything!
A very appreciative and supportive reader and customer”

Voluntary Contribution * 

It’s important that these resources are as accessible as possible to as many as possible. They’re used in therapy sessions, within schools, in libraries, in NHS teams and within inpatient services. Thousands of people say that they’re incredibly helpful.

If you’re in a place where you’re able to, we’d appreciate any contribution whatsoever for using this (and any other) resource to help support the work we do to helping those affected by depression, including our free-to-schools education programme: The Blurt Peer Project.

Your donations mean we can continue our important work which not only changes lives, it saves them too – THANK YOU!

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