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Kind words for unkind days

Download: Tear sheet – Take what you need


The “take what you need” tear sheet!

10 different self-care ideas. We all have needs (even if we don’t like to admit it). But figuring what our needs are can be a very tricky one. Sometimes we just feel naff or stressed or a bit wobbly. But we don’t know how to fix it. We don’t know what we need to make it better.

Enter the “take what you need” care sheet. Designed to help us meet our self-care needs, even if we’re not quite sure what they are. Use it as a poster, or pop individual ideas in different places so that there’s always one to hand. If we’re up for it (providing we don’t break any rules), we could even put it somewhere publicly. Others might need self-care ideas, too!

What do people say about our work?

“Hey you guys at Blurt, you are doing a great job & your emails regularly cheer me up. Thanks for being awesome!”

“Thank you for your amazing website. After 30 years of thinking I was the only person in the world who feels so worthless at times, of struggling to put into any words the way I feel when I go through an episode to help others understand me, of feeling so alone and detached from others, I have found a lifeline. I really can’t put into words how you are helping me as I go through one of the worst lows I’ve ever experienced. I feel like someone has just reached their hand down to help pull me out of the pit.”

“Every post of yours that I have read so far has been completely sensible and relevant. Thank you so much for really understanding what this is like and doing so much to help.”

Voluntary Contribution * 

It’s important that these resources are as accessible as possible to as many as possible. They’re used in therapy sessions, within schools, in libraries, in NHS teams and within inpatient services. Thousands of people say that they’re incredibly helpful.

If you’re in a place where you’re able to, we’d appreciate any contribution whatsoever for using this (and any other) resource to help support the work we do to helping those affected by depression, including our free-to-schools education programme: The Blurt Peer Project.

Your donations mean we can continue our important work which not only changes lives, it saves them too – THANK YOU!

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