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Kind words for unkind days

A Daily Dollop Of Kindness

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This month’s theme: The Little Box of Comfort
The digital products included in this month’s subscription are:

  • Your Best is Always Enough Wallpaper
  • Comfort Jar

It’s not always easy to be kind to ourselves. Life gets busy and we rarely put ourselves first. Our thoughts can often get trapped in a negative cycle, and we constantly blame ourselves for stuff (even if we had nothing to do with it). Even if we intend to do something for ourselves, something else inevitably crops up and our plans get waylaid. 

When we’re full of frazzle and frustration, the ‘ding’ of a daily dollop dropping into our inbox can be the prompt to press pause that we need. Fill up the kettle, grab a biscuit, and take a moment to stop and exhale.

Each dollop is contributed by one of our Kindfulness Club members. Sometimes it’s a lyric or a quote. It might be a thought, a spark, a reminder, or a piece of advice that’s never been forgotten.

Every single day, we’re reminded of how wise, kind, and thoughtful our Kindfulness Club members are. Every single day our warm fuzzy reserves get a 10am top-up. Every single day we’re reminded that we’re not alone.

Not only that, but every subscription comes with two exclusive digital products per month, to encourage us to sprinkle self-kindness throughout each day.

What’s Included?

  • Two digital products every month to encourage you to sprinkle self-kindness throughout each day.
  • A dollop of kindness every single day of the year. (Yup – every single day!).
  • The feel-good vibes that come with supporting our work

How Does It Work?

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  5. Daily Dollops will drop into your inbox at 10am (GMT) every single day
  6. If you fancy submitting a dollop of your own, the link to do so will be at the bottom of each email.

Just a quick one: if you’re one of our wonderful BuddyBox subscribers then you should be getting your daily dollops as part of that and don’t need to take out an extra subscription.

Don’t Just Take It From Us
Hello, I signed up for a blurt box a few days ago as I’m going through a very tough time. I just wanted to say the daily emails that have been coming through are a really welcome addition and really are lovely to absorb when the world feels quite dark. Thank you

These are truly wonderful.

They are all good but about once a week one lands that has the words I need right then, for that day.

I also squirrel them away in a Blurt folder for ‘when blue’ moments. And you get to support lovely @BlurtAlerts

Thanks so much! Somehow each day they seem to know what I’m thinking, not sure how you do it but they really help

Your donations mean we can continue our important work which not only changes lives, it saves them too – THANK YOU!

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