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Captain Of My Own Ship


There are times when we feel like passengers in our own lives; there’s someone else at the helm, steering our ship. Even when we can see rocky shores on the horizon and the wind’s picking up around us, we don’t feel able, nor equipped, to control the direction that we’re going. A collision seems almost inevitable.

August’s BuddyBox is our First Mate. It’s a buoying, confidence-boosting, morale-raising kinda box. It’ll give us the space to catch our breath, raise our sails, and help us to be the captain of our own ship.

What are people saying about this box?

Buddy box time has arrived!! Looks amazing very excited to look through all the items #positivevibesonly? #enjoyinglife?#beyou? #lovinglife #loveyourlife#relaxation #happiness #mindfullness#happygirl #happyday #happytime#lookafteryourmindbodyandsoul#theblurtfoundation#theblurtfoundationbuddybox#theblurtfoundationrules #buddybox#blurtbuddybox #august#captainofmyownship?? #amazing#lovethis

Really appreciating this pin from my buddy box. #keptgoing #everydaybraverypins#blurtbuddybox #blurtfoundation

Got my first ever #buddybox from The Blurt Foundation @BlurtAlerts, loving it, so many nice thoughtful things inside, lovely monthly treat!

The Self-Helpful Series: Getting To Know You Workbook RRP £4.50
The Sea Of Uncertainty Mapology Guide RRP £5.00
A Hug And A Squeeze RRP £2.40
365 Ways To Be Confident RRP £6.99
Emily McDowell & Friends Everyday Bravery Pins RRP £7.95

We also have a BuddyBox subscription available!

  • International delivery available
  • Please allow 2-5 working days for dispatch

Photo: Holly Booth

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