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BuddyBox One-off


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Each BuddyBox contains at least 5 products hand-picked to nourish, inspire and encourage self-care.

The contents of the BuddyBox vary from month to month and remain a closely guarded secret. (The surprise is very much part of the experience.) All the items included in the box are intended to make you feel good: helping you de-stress, find calm, feel pampered, relax, get creative, or simply have fun.

Februarys’s BuddyBox Theme: Rooting For You

We all have those times when our courage flounders. Sometimes, it might be that we’re working towards a personal goal, starting a new project, or we need to complete a difficult task, when suddenly there’s a voice, ringing between our ears. It’s our inner monologue, causing us to question everything, second-guess ourselves and making us doubt that we’ll ever be capable of doing it. This voice is very convincing, and before we know it, it’s extinguished any motivation and courage we had, stopping us in our tracks.

Diving into the unknown, of uncertainty, of not knowing what’s going to happen, is absolutely a scary thing. It means stepping out of our comfort zones and putting on our badges of courage. It means silencing the voice that tells us whatever we’re doing is about to be a big mistake, or that we’re going to fail, and carrying on regardless. It means doubting our self-doubt, because we CAN do it, and we HAVE got what it takes.

February’s BuddyBox is your very own personal cheerleader. If it was a person, it’d be shaking pom poms at you, showering you with buckets of confetti and waving a flag with your name on it. Think of it as your sidekick in helping you to hold self-doubt to question, your tool to turn to when things feel difficult or your self-belief is wavering. As always, the five products inside remain a closely guarded secret, but what we can tell you is this box is rooting for you. It knows you can do that hard thing. And that you’re capable. And that you’ve got this.

Also available as a subscription!

When will the box be delivered?

When you make your purchase, you are ordering a box for the following month. So if you place an order in January (whether it’s the 1st or the 31st), you will receive your BuddyBox in February.

Boxes are shipped from Blurt HQ on the 9th of the month, or the first working day after.


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