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BuddyBox One-off


Each BuddyBox contains at least 5 products hand-picked to nourish, inspire and encourage self-care.

The contents of the BuddyBox vary from month to month and remain a closely guarded secret. (The surprise is very much part of the experience.) All the items included in the box are intended to make you feel good: helping you de-stress, find calm, feel pampered, relax, get creative, or simply have fun.

December’s BuddyBox Theme: Making Space
Boundaries are what give us space. Space to think. Space to breathe. Space to make choices that are good for us. A tell-tale sign that our boundaries may be compromised, and not working for us, is that we feel constantly rushed, under-pressure, and pulled in lots of different directions by a mix of things like work, parenting, studying, relationships, caring for others, self-care, etc. We often also have the nagging feeling that a lot of the things we’re spending time on weren’t necessarily things we chose to do, but, rather, things that we felt obligated to do, that we didn’t want to, or couldn’t, say ‘no’ to, and that, actually, aren’t things we really want or need to be doing. Even worse, we know that we’re not doing ourselves any favours, but, at the same time, we don’t know how to sort out our boundaries, and make space for ourselves.

Luckily, December’s Making Space BuddyBox was designed to help us do exactly that! Just taking some time to order the box, and then, when it arrives, opening it, and examining the contents, is an act of reclaiming space and time for yourself. Of course, though, this BuddyBox goes much further than that! The products included inside will help you reflect on your boundaries at the moment – what’s working for you, but, also, where your boundaries could be strengthened. It’ll enable you to fortify and maintain your existing boundaries, and build brand new ones too. Really excitingly, the December BuddyBox will contain a copy of our brand new book! Making Space: Creating Boundaries In An Ever-Encroaching World is a friendly, empathetic guide to creating boundaries that protect our physical, mental, emotional, and digital spaces. We’re really bloomin’ excited for this BuddyBox!

Also available as a subscription!

About the Illustrator FOR THIS BOX: Sonaksha Iyengar

Sonaksha is an illustrator, graphic recorder and book designer. Her work examines ideas of self care, body image and gender while addressing subjects like mental health and feminism. She also loves sharing her journey with using art as a tool to heal and meditate. When not at her desk, she can be found wandering the aisles of bookstores, eating a slice of pizza or befriending everyone’s dogs. You can say hi to her on Instagram.

When will the box be delivered?
When you make your purchase, you are ordering a box for the following month. So if you place an order in January (whether it’s the 1st or the 31st), you will receive your BuddyBox in February.

Boxes are shipped from Blurt HQ on the 9th of the month, or the first working day after. We send boxes via Royal Mail 2nd Class post, so will take a few days to arrive within the UK.

International delivery available.

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