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'All At Sea' BuddyBox

‘All At Sea’ BuddyBox


Theme: for when you feel all at sea

We don’t know about you, but we sometimes we plough on with a foggy head, an inability to focus, stormy thoughts and an overwhelmedness that is hard to put into words. We don’t feel as though we’re doing enough nor being enough.

It’s with those feelings in mind that we designed this BuddyBox care package to help us steer through the storms. Sometimes we get bogged down by other people’s expectations of us that we forget that we are the captain of our ship (we’ve included an iron-on patch to remind you of this). We hope the Serenity Conscious Water will work some way to counteracting the turbulence of a foggy head. Being beside the sea is often a calming experience, but for those of us who don’t live near the sea, the Yankee Candle will bring a dose of the sea to your door. I Want to be Calm and How to Make Better Decisions are included as tools to help you make some sense of it all, to help you feel in control of your decisions and to help you find a piece of calm in the midst of all storms. You’ve got this.

You can read the reactions to this BuddyBox here.

Be the Captain of Your Own Ship Iron-On Patch RRP £5.00
Serenity Conscious Water RRP £1.49
How to Make Better Decisions Mapology Guide RRP £5.00
I Want to be Calm: How to De-Stress RRP £7.99
Yankee Candle Small Jar Sea Air RRP £8.99
Issue 10: Blurt Zine

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