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54 Kind Cards For Unkind Days

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Some days just feel unkind, they knock us to our knees and when they do, getting back up again isn’t always easy.

Within this pack are 54 cards of kindness for these exact times. When you’re feeling kerplunked, shuffle the cards and pink one at random to read. If that card doesn’t quite resonate with you, then pick another until you find one that does.

These heartwarming cards have been designed and written by the young people (aged 5-11) from Delaware Primary Academy.

30% of proceeds will go towards funding our education programme: The Blurt Peer Project.

Here are some examples of the sorts of things the cards say:
“There is nothing more amazing than yourself.” – Eddie, Age 6

“Don’t let anybody pull you down, reach for the stars.” – Brett, Age 10

“It’s okay if some people dislike you, not everyone has good taste.” – Summer, Age 11

  • 54 Cards in a pack
  • Card dimensions: 64mm x 90mm
  • Receive this item 2-5 working days from dispatch
  • International delivery available

Photo: Holly Booth

About the Illustrator: Stacie Swift

Stacie is an illustrator with a love for bright colours and nice words. She’s Mum to Matilda and Arthur, (and two cats, Bob and Beans), a full-blown coffee addict and self-care enthusiast. She enjoys sharing her thoughts on mindfulness, mum-life and mental health – because everyone needs a reminder that nobody has it together all the time.

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