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I want to host a peer-led mental health session

It’s our hope that with societal shifts leading to more awareness and understanding surrounding mental health, organisational culture evolves too; into supportive, open, encouraging, flexible places to work and be. A culture change is always an inside job, always.

We’re challenging all organisations, of all shapes and sizes – from FTSE 100 companies to grassroots ones, from schools to support groups, from sports teams to soft plays – to host a mental health session, delivered by someone on the inside.


Because, as well as evidence and reports aplenty about why the cultural changes are well overdue, we all already have stories and we all have mental health.

Stats say 1 in 4 of us will experience mental ill health in our lifetimes – this means that your organisation or group will have members who have experienced mental illness or are experiencing these issues right now. By giving them the chance to speak to their peers we give others a chance to learn from their insights and experiences. We respect our peers, we can relate to them far more than a stranger from a mental health organisation who comes in with slides and stories. When we hear it from someone who is ‘like’ us, it hits home much harder and makes a longer-lasting difference. We realise, if it can happen to someone ‘like’ us, it can happen to us too.

We’ll support you all the way too: we’ve put together a tailorable session framework, video guides to encourage, guide and generate ideas, accumulated lots of resources to help you pic ‘n’ mix the content which best supports the personal stories, and we’re on hand to answer any questions, queries or quibbles, you may have. If needed, we can liaise with the decision-makers in your organisation, on your behalf.

Join organisations such as The New Forest National Park Team, Ford Motor Company, and Battersea.

Yes, I want to do this. What next?

  • Chat to the decision-maker(s) and tell them all about Team Blurt-it-out – send them a link to this page or email us their contact details and we’ll get in touch with them for you.
  • Once a date for the session has been confirmed, please complete this form so that we can get the ball rolling and equip you with everything you need to start preparing for the session.
  • Lean on us – we love working collaboratively so if there’s anything we can do to help you, anything extra you’d like to help you, any ideas you have that you’d like to share, any hand-holding, pep talking, pom-pom shaking we can do, any queries, quibbles, or questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a nudge.
  • We’d totally love the opportunity to sing your praises and so we’ve set up this page for you to send us in photos and information about your event so that we can share them and sing loudly and proudly.

Your donations mean we can continue our important work which not only changes lives, it saves them too – THANK YOU!

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