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Talking To Your Child About Their Depression


Having a child with depression, however old they are, is difficult. We know how hard it can be to try and find the right words to say. It can be really daunting to try and talk about anything depression-related because we worry about saying the wrong thing and making things worse. We don’t want to…

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A Letter to the Friends Who Don’t Understand Mental Illness


Dear Friends with a Depressed Friend, We know that being friends with your depressed friend can be difficult. You don’t always see them, they cancel plans at the last minute, one minute they’re chatty and the next they’re blocking you out and you just never know if your friend is there from one day to…

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A Letter to Parents who have a Child with Depression


Dear Parent, We know that things are really tough for you right now. Perhaps your child has just been diagnosed with depression, or maybe they’ve had it for a while. They might not really be a child any more, they might be a teen, a young adult, or maybe even a fully-fledged grown-up, but they’re…

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Describing Depression to those who’ve Never Had it


We’re able to feel empathy and compassion for those who are in physical pain, even if we’ve not experienced that exact physical pain ourselves. We can appreciate that a broken leg must hurt like hell, that childbirth must be excruciating and we can even muster up compassion for those who are heartbroken – despite not…

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Practical Ways To Support Someone With Depression


When you support someone with depression it isn’t about ‘fixing them’, it’s about being supportive, listening and doing what you can to make life a little easier for them. There’s a great disparity in the way people react when you tell them you are unwell with depression, compared to being unwell with something like a…

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Depression: How Poor Mental Health Can Test Friendships


In the midst of a depression fog, friendships can become hard and complicated. They morph into an unrecognisable version of you and those closest to you – a plateau of hot coals, haunted by how things used to be, exacerbated by heart-wrenching change that none of you quite understand. It’s an awful feeling. It’s also quite normal….

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Depression: Letting Loved Ones In


“Coming out” with depression is an onerous task, which can feel especially overwhelming when you’re struggling. However, opening up to loved ones can be hugely beneficial – removing the effort of concealing your illness, reducing any feelings of shame and building your support network. There are many questions you may ask yourself when contemplating talking to loved ones…

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Relationships & Depression: How to support each other

Depression & Relationships - How to support each other

Support is essential when you struggle with depression, and it’s good if that support can come from a variety of people and means. That said many of us a have a pivotal relationship – either romantic (with a spouse or a partner) or otherwise (with a close family member or friend) – which is put under particular…

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Depression: 5 Illustrations Which Help Aid Understanding

miriams booklet wb-1

Words can be tricky things – finding the right ones, taking them in and understanding the context of their meaning. Describing the ever-changing landscape of depression is a challenge. No two people experience depression in the same way, just as the things which help people can differ. Illustrations can help us to understand something in…

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Dear Friend (is it still okay to call you that?)


Dear Friend (is it still okay to call you that?) I have been a lousy friend to you and I’m sorry. I miss you. Years ago, depression came out of nowhere and knocked me to my knees. It felt as though overnight, I turned from a lifelong member of our friendship circle into someone who…

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