Category: Managing Depression

Depression: How To Be A Friend To Ourselves

Depression How To Be A Friend To Ourselves

Being a friend to ourselves can be really difficult when we’re depressed.  Depression plays havoc with our self-esteem, and we’re often really mean to ourselves. We say things to ourselves that we would never say to another person. We treat ourselves in ways that we wouldn’t dream of treating anyone else. Self-care and self-compassion are vital…

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Depression: Coping With The Urge To Run Away

Depression Coping With the Urge to Run Away

When we have depression, we sometimes feel like we want to run away from everything. Life can feel overwhelming and claustrophobic. Leaving it all behind and starting from scratch can seem very appealing. But running away from everything isn’t usually an option – or the answer. In this post we share some ideas on how to manage…

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22 Apps That Help Our Mental Health

Although we love our phones, many of us find them a source of stress. Scrolling through insta-perfect images can impact on our self-esteem, and constant notifications are overwhelming and tiring. However, our phones can also be super self-care tools. There are lots of apps out there designed to help us manage our mental health. In a…

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Depression: Getting Through The Day After A Painful Night

Depression - getting through the day after a painful night

Most people who live with depression will have experienced a painful night. Panic attacks, dark thoughts and turbulent emotions keep us awake. Depression affects our sleep anyway, and any restlessness or anxiety makes matters worse.   Whatever the reason for it, getting through the day after a sleepless night is difficult. In this post we…

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The Difference Between Depression And Anxiety

difference between depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety are sometimes confused. While they are different medical conditions, they share similarities. The symptoms, causes and treatments of depression and anxiety can overlap. It’s also not unusual for people to suffer from both depression and anxiety.   In this post we look at the difference between depression and anxiety – and the similarities. How Depression and…

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The A-Z of Self-Care

A-Z of Self-Care

So many of us struggle with the idea of self-care. We think it’s selfish, or a luxury, or a fluffy time-suck designed for other people.  But the truth is, self-care is essential for everyone.  It doesn’t need to be expensive, and it’s not all face packs and crochet either – sometimes the basics of day-to-day life count as self-care. In…

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Peer Support: What It Is And Why It Helps

Peer Support takes place when people with similar lived experiences provide emotional, social or practical help to each other.  In the mental health field, Peer Support enables those who have experienced mental ill-health to connect and support each other. This can be an extremely positive experience for all involved. At Blurt, we’re big fans of Peer Support. We have our…

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Depression: Coping With Limited Energy

Depression coping with limited energy

Depression can completely zap our energy, affecting us both mentally and physically. It can also make everything we do feel more difficult, meaning it takes more energy to undertake even the most basic tasks. Combined together, these energy drains can prove really challenging. In this post, we share some ideas that can help us cope….

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Depression: Why Spending Time With Animals Might Help

depression spending time with animals help

Lots of us love animals. Our cuddly and feathery friends can really help us to feel better about ourselves, and about life. Their presence can lift our mood and be very comforting. In this post we explore how animals can help our mental health, and some ways we can introduce them to our lives. How do they help?…

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Depression: Habits That Help Us Through

Depression Habits That Help Us Through

Depression is rough. When we’re in the thick of it, life can feel incredibly difficult.  Even the simplest tasks can feel overwhelming, and the things we used to enjoy become meaningless. While we can’t magically make depression go away (if only we could!), there are healthy habits we can adopt that might help ease the pain a little…

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