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Anxiety Treatment: A Guide To Different Options

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Whether we’ve recently been diagnosed or have been living with it for many years; anxiety treatment options can be confusing. Treatments are often described using words or acronyms that we’ve never come across before, so we don’t know what they mean. Perhaps we’ve in therapy for a while but want to know what else we could try….

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Recurring Depression: When It Won’t Go Away

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Recurring depression is something that isn’t always spoken about. But many of us have experience of it. It can become frustrating when it lingers and won’t go away. What Is Recurring Depression? Recurring depression, or ‘recurrent depression’ can be defined as “Two or more major depressive episodes”. For episodes to be considered recurrent, we need…

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It’s Not All In Our Head: Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety

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Though anxiety is considered a mental health condition, it can have a marked impact on our physical health. Sometimes the physical anxiety symptoms we experience can further increase how anxious we feel. Understanding the link between our anxiety and our physical health can help us to make sense of the things we experience. Aches And…

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Curating A Positive Online Space

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Many of us spend multiple hours a day in online spaces that we’ve created. We use them to work, stay in contact with people, and laugh at hilarious videos of squirrels. Sometimes, the online world can be a positive space; it lifts us up. But sometimes it’s not-so-positive, and can drag us down. It’s up…

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Coping Mechanisms To Help Us Manage Our Mental Health At Work

Our mental health doesn’t stop being important when we arrive at our workplace. Work can help our mental health, but it can also cause additional stress which can negatively impact our mood. Proactively managing our mental health both in and outside of the workplace can help us to cope. Basic Needs If our basic needs…

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What Is Executive Functioning And How Could Depression Affect It?

What Is Executive Functioning And How Could Depression Affect It?

Executive functioning is a term that many of us won’t have heard before. It encompasses a range of things that affect our everyday lives; depression or no depression. Understanding what executive functioning is, and how it interacts with depression, can help us to have a greater understanding of the difficulties we face. What Is Executive…

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Remote-Working: Sharing What We Have Learned

At Blurt, our entire team works remotely and flexibly. We always have – in fact, we’ve never actually met one another in person. With so many companies having to transition their workforce to a remote-working one, we thought we’d create a guide of the things we’ve learned over the years. Setting Up A Home Workspace…

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Coronavirus And Your Mental Health

We’ve been speaking with Chris Smith, a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist with over 10 years’ experience in counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), about how Covid-19, the current strain of Coronavirus, affects those of us with mental illness and what we can do to support our mental health. We know this is a scary time. Experiencing…

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Self-Talk: Why The Words We Use Matter

We all have an internal dialogue – whether we’re aware of it or not. Some of us may be conscious of it as a constant stream. For others, it might seem less often and more ‘remember to put the bins out’ and ‘oh you dingo, why did you drop the toast on the floor?’. Our…

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When Mental Illness Won’t Let Us Leave The House

When Mental Illness Won't Let Us Leave The House

Mental illness can make it difficult to leave the house. This can be hard for both us and our loved ones to understand. Particularly if we’re someone who’s always been fairly outgoing, independent, and sociable. Anxiety When We Leave The House Anxiety can be part of many mental illnesses; whether diagnosed as a distinct condition…

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