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Depression: Debunking the Myths


When talking to others about depression, we’re often greeted with a range of responses. Some of these responses are helpful and supportive, others are less so. Unfortunately, there are a number of misconceptions and myths surrounding depression. We asked our Peer Support Group to share those they’d encountered so we could ‘myth bust’ them. Myth:…

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Depression: On Noise, Answering the Telephone and Making Decisions


Depression both heightens and numbs. It’s an illness full of contradiction and confusion. The simple things become the hard things; sapping our motivation, headspace and energy. Fighting the negative thoughts is a never-ending cycle of frustration, anguish and despair. It’s no wonder then, that seemingly simple tasks become anything but simple. Things which were never…

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Depression and Parenting: 6 Low Energy Things to do With Your Children

A photo by Danielle MacInnes.

Being a parent and living with depression can feel impossible at times. Yes, being a parent is rewarding, but let’s not pretend it’s ever easy. There are little people depending on you for love, affection and attention. On top of that is the never-ending list of tasks to complete: clothes to wash, dry and iron,…

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Practical Ways To Support A Child With Depression


Having a child with depression isn’t easy and it can be really hard to know what to do or say. Often we want to do something to ‘fix’ it. There isn’t an easy fix to depression, but there are things that you can do to help. We’ve gathered a few ideas of some practical things…

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Depression: Explaining Paranoia


Trying to explain paranoia to someone who has never dealt with it is hard, because making sense of it in our own mind seems impossible in itself. It’s irrational, disorientating and sometimes even debilitating, but attempting to deconstruct it may help us to gain more understanding for ourselves and in turn, aid us in explaining…

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Six Doodles That Show What You Don’t See About Depression

Always smiling, but actually I want the world to stop turning and let me get off.

When we have depression, it’s like there’s a war raging in our brains, but because depression is a mental illness, it’s not always obvious that we’re struggling. These six doodles show some of the things we might be feeling. Six Doodles That Show What You Don’t See About Depression #whatyoudontsee Click To Tweet Overwhelming thoughts…

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Personal Independence Payment (PIP): Resources to Help You


Depression can affect different people in different ways. Sometimes it can reach the point where it becomes disabling. We know that it can be hard to accept that depression can be a disability, but sometimes we need to reach out for extra support. What is Personal Independence Payment (PIP)? Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is a…

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Referring to Depression as a Third Person: Does it Help?


It can be really hard to understand depression. We might not understand our own thoughts and feelings, or be able to identify with what’s happening to us. This is perhaps why so many of us use metaphors to try and get our heads round depression. Winston Churchill described his as a black dog, and that…

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Depression: Coping Tips and Advice for New Parents, From Parents


There’s little that can prepare you for the moment you take your newborn baby home. They don’t come with an instruction manual. It’s a steep learning curve and it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. It’s an exciting yet daunting time. After the birth of your child, you may experience a spell of the baby blues, they’re…

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What A Panic Attack Feels Like


A panic attack is the last thing I am thinking about today. I am sitting on a train – just about to send a message to my husband saying “I did it! I’m on the train!” Getting on a train is a big deal for me you see and I am just about to congratulate myself…

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