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Our ‘When Life Gives You Lemons’ BuddyBox – The Reaction

Our 'When Life Gives You Lemons' BuddyBox - The Reaction

Life will always give us lemons and making lemonade with them is all very well and good, but what if we don’t like lemonade? What if we have enough lemonade to last through the century, thank you very much? How to handle these ‘ere lemons, eh? April’s BuddyBox is a ‘hug in a box’ packed…

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Our ‘One Step At A Time’ BuddyBox – The Reaction

Our 'One Step At A Time' BuddyBox - The Reaction

Life isn’t half a hustle and bustle. We’re more connected than ever before, and yet, so disconnected too. The peer pressure we felt as teens never really went away and we get so swept up in it all, that we feel as though life drags us along. We don’t feel as though we’re in the…

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Our ‘You’re The Llamas Pyjamas’ BuddyBox – The Reaction

Our 'You're The Llamas Pyjamas' BuddyBox - The Reaction

We can sometimes see ourselves from a pretty damning viewpoint, not seeing nor realising that yes, we do have quirks but also, that we have lots of best bits too. In fact, our quirks can be our best bits because they’re the bits of us that make us different to everyone else – we’re not…

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Our ‘And Breathe…’ BuddyBox – The Reaction

Our 'And Breathe...' BuddyBox - The Reaction

As if the festive fuss wasn’t enough to contend with, the ‘New Year, New You’ brigade are in full swing and we’re rebelling. Oh yes, we are. Rather than play into the hands of the ‘we’re not enough, we’re not doing enough’ tirade of thoughts that play havoc with us already, we’re initiating full-on nurture…

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Our ‘The Self-Care Sanctuary’ BuddyBox – The Reaction

Our 'The Self-Care Sanctuary' BuddyBox - The Reaction

Life gets noisy at this time of year. The holiday hullabaloo, crowds and carols, all the people-ing. It’s all too much. We feel the need to slow down. We’re craving peace and calm and rest. And have we got a BuddyBox for you! Our ‘Self-Care Sanctuary’ BuddyBox is designed to help us create our very own self-care…

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Our ‘Creature Comforts’ BuddyBox – The Reaction

Our 'Creature Comforts' BuddyBox - The Reaction

There are motivational quotes aplenty encouraging us to stretch for the ‘magic’ which apparently only happens outside of our comfort-zones but this month, we’re talking about the unadulterated magic which happens when we’re plonked right in the centre of our comfort-zones; that sigh of relief, the duvet snuggling, the familiarity and the joy. Our ‘Creature…

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Our ‘Done Adulting’ BuddyBox – The Reaction

Our 'Done Adulting' BuddyBox - The Reaction

Being an adult takes all kinds of wizardry; kickass diplomacy skills, some nifty time juggling, brain-aching decision-making, tongue-biting negotiating, icky learning, not-so-comfy-growth, boring life admin, pressure-handling… Sometimes we just need to step out, step off, just for a spell. Our ‘Done Adulting’ BuddyBox encourages us to step away from all the ‘grown-up’ stuff: to play, and…

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The School Of You BuddyBox – The Reaction

The School Of You BuddyBox - The Reaction

Knowing who we truly are and embracing it can be transformative. But, in a world where we’re all too aware of other people’s expectations of us, it can be a challenge. We get caught up in the ‘shoulds’ of life. We feel like we should be better, different, more. Our ‘School of You’ BuddyBox  helps…

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The Self-Care Project

About Self-Care

You may have noticed that we could talk about self-care until the cows come home. Mainly because it’s a concept which helps us to be mindful of how we feel, the decisions we make, and the things we do. But also because ‘self-care’ is a term that is bandied about as being a fad and…

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Our ‘Summer Camp Adventure’ BuddyBox – The Reaction

Our 'Summer Camp Adventure' BuddyBox - The Reaction

Life is a one heck of an adventure and sometimes, we just don’t feel equipped to deal with it. We designed our ‘Summer Camp Adventure’ BuddyBox care package to help stoke our courage and  rebuild self-belief, so that any mountains we meet feel easier to scale. Our badgerous BuddyBox is packed with a range of camptastic treats. First…

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