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TEDx: Hearing Your Depression Story In My Words

depression what you don't see tedxbrum

In April of this year, I was asked to be a speaker at TEDxBrum. [Photo Credit: Jonathan Cherry] To begin with, I switched into self-sabotage mode with really strong feelings of not being good enough. I felt like an imposter in what was such an incredible line-up and as though I stood out like a sore thumb…

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Depression Awareness Week: Our #WhatYouDontSee Campaign


At Blurt, we know what it’s like to live with the stigma of depression. All too often, shame and fear force us to ‘mask’ our illness; and although public attitudes are improving, unhelpful associations about depression still abound. ‘But you don’t look depressed…’ ‘He can’t be depressed, I saw him laughing with his mates last…

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Depression: Protecting Yourself This Christmas

depression protecting yourself this christmas

Christmas is an emotive time of year. All around us, people are excitably announcing how many ‘sleeps’ there are left. Children (and adults) can barely contain themselves due to Santa’s imminent arrival and the radio is a hodge podge of Christmas tunes. There’s no escaping the fact, Christmas is on its way. For many of…

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Mental Illness Is Not The News Story Here

The headlines today are diabolical. They make my heart sink. It is being reported that the Germanwings co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, had a history of depression. But I think we’re missing the point. In fact, we’re entirely missing the point. Depression does not define a person. People are not the be-all and end-all of their illness….

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