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Kind words for unkind days

Self-Care As A ‘Power-Up’

Super Mario standing with arms in air.

Many of us can relate to the ‘pendulum of self-care’. We’re feeling great, firing on all cylinders and self-care doesn’t feel half as important. And then it swings right back to the opposite end of the scale and it becomes everything. It becomes the tool that helps us to hang on by our fingertips, the…

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The Very Thoughtful Gift Guide

A very thoughtful gift guide.

As the festive frazzle kicks in, most of us are used to battling crowds, and weaving in and out of sweaty shops, on the hunt for the ideal gift. When shopping online, we swap hunting for an elusive car-parking space, for scrolling around website after website, trying to tick off our gift list. It’s time…

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To The Person Who Feels Alone In This

Woman looks out of window.

There are times when no matter how many people we have around us, we feel alone – even in a room of our most favourite people. Depression weighs us down and anxiety clutches our chest. We Could Tell You That You’re Not Alone The standard response to ‘I’m alone’ is ‘no you’re not’. We know…

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Coping With Anxiety: Breathing And Grounding

Neck to knees of practitioner and child holding green spikey balls.

Our anxiety levels will come and go in waves (whether we’re diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or not). At times when our anxiety levels are high, grounding and breathing techniques can help to bring them back down to a manageable level. This can be particularly useful if we start to feel panicked, detached, or breathless….

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How Hormones Affect Our Mental Health

White and red light trails.

Hormones are smaller than the eye can see, but despite their size, they play a big part in both our mental and physical health. What Are Hormones? Hormones are chemicals which live in our body as part of our endocrine system. They act as chemical messengers, communicating between cells in different parts of our body….

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What Is Agoraphobia?

Green door ajar.

Some of us leave the house regularly without thinking about it. Others feel some anxiety when going out, especially if we haven’t done so in a while. But at what point does this anxiety tip into agoraphobia? And if we do live with agoraphobia, what could help us to manage it? What Is Agoraphobia? Those…

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Health Anxiety: What It Is And What Might Help?

Smart watch on wrist. Hand is pressing button on side.

Many of us worry about our health from time to time and most of us have probably internet-searched a symptom once or twice. But when we have health anxiety, our worries and anxieties around our health can have a significant impact on our life. What Is Health Anxiety? When we live with health anxiety, we…

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A Changing Brain: How Depression Can Alter Our Brain Structure

Plastic model of half a brain and a neutron.

We’ve always known that mental illness and physical illness are intrinsically interlinked and inseparable. As more research is done into depression, researchers are discovering that it can alter our brain structure. It’s hoped that research in this area could lead to better treatment and less stigma. Brain Structure Might Sound Like Science Fiction The thought…

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Self-Care Vs. Self-Love: What’s The Difference?

Back of head with arms raised in air, clasped, stretching.

Self-care and self-love are probably terms that we’ve heard before. But we might not know what they mean in practice. It can also be tricky to untangle self-care from self-love and to work out where one ends and the other begins. What Is Self-Care? Self-care encompasses all the things we do to care for ourselves…

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Depression And Irritability: We Don’t Mean To Be Snappy

Sparkler sparkling on black background.

Depression can cause us to feel increasingly irritable. This can lead to us snapping at people, which is often followed by a wave of guilt. We might not be able to explain our irritability or know what we can do to reduce our snappiness. What Is Irritability? When we’re irritable, we tend to become annoyed…

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