Depression: Explaining Paranoia


Trying to explain paranoia to someone who has never dealt with it is hard, because making sense of it in our own mind seems impossible in itself. It’s irrational, disorientating and sometimes even debilitating, but attempting to deconstruct it may help us to gain more understanding for ourselves and in turn, aid us in explaining…

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A Letter to the Friends Who Don’t Understand Mental Illness


Dear Friends with a Depressed Friend, We know that being friends with your depressed friend can be difficult. You don’t always see them, they cancel plans at the last minute, one minute they’re chatty and the next they’re blocking you out and you just never know if your friend is there from one day to…

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Depression: Planning for University


Going to university can be really exciting. It can provide some amazing opportunities and lifelong friendships. Leaving home and moving to uni can also be really hard; the majority of students will feel anxious about leaving home and finding their way around a new city. We know that it can feel like even more of…

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Six Doodles That Show What You Don’t See About Depression

Always smiling, but actually I want the world to stop turning and let me get off.

When we have depression, it’s like there’s a war raging in our brains, but because depression is a mental illness, it’s not always obvious that we’re struggling. These six doodles show some of the things we might be feeling. Six Doodles That Show What You Don’t See About Depression #whatyoudontsee Click To Tweet Overwhelming thoughts…

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Depression: How Writing Might Help


The stigma of depression means that it can be really tough to talk about. But talking about it gives those scary and relentless thoughts an outlet. Talking about it also opens the door for support from others. It’s important to have the space to digest those thoughts, to work through them and look at them…

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Depression: 10 Quotes Which Help Us Through Tough Days


Words aren’t always the easiest things to form, yet seem to have the biggest impact on our lives. Something that someone said years ago – without forethought and by chance – and promptly forgotten, could be a sentence that the person next to them clings onto for years to come. When we’re fighting our way…

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Personal Independence Payment (PIP): Resources to Help You


Depression can affect different people in different ways. Sometimes it can reach the point where it becomes disabling. We know that it can be hard to accept that depression can be a disability, but sometimes we need to reach out for extra support. What is Personal Independence Payment (PIP)? Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is a…

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Referring to Depression as a Third Person: Does it Help?


It can be really hard to understand depression. We might not understand our own thoughts and feelings, or be able to identify with what’s happening to us. This is perhaps why so many of us use metaphors to try and get our heads round depression. Winston Churchill described his as a black dog, and that…

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Decluttering: How it Boosts Mental Health


Our environment undoubtedly affects our mood. If our surroundings stress us out, take up headspace, or make day-to-day living harder than it needs to be, we feel the impact. Reducing the ‘clutter’ in our lives – be it physical, digital or otherwise – allows us tackle stressors head-on, which benefits our mental health. WHAT IS DECLUTTERING? Put simply,…

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A Letter to Those Expecting Exam Results


Dear Exam-Result-Expecter, We know how difficult results day can be. We know how many sleepless nights it can cause. We want you to know that you are not alone in feeling this way – most people your age will be feeling similar things, and many of us who got our results a long time ago…

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