A Letter to Those Expecting Exam Results


Dear Exam-Result-Expecter, We know how difficult results day can be. We know how many sleepless nights it can cause. We want you to know that you are not alone in feeling this way – most people your age will be feeling similar things, and many of us who got our results a long time ago…

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Depression: Returning To Work After Being Signed Off


If you’re anything like us, just coming back to work after a long weekend can send our brain into a bit of shock. After you’ve been signed off with depression, it’s easy to build up lots of apprehension about returning to the daily grind, even if you generally love your job. It’s a justified worry because…

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Coping with Bereavement and Loss When You Already Have Depression


Sadly, grief is something we will all face at some point in our lives. Grief can be caused by the death of someone we love, or by other circumstances such as losing a job, losing a pet, the deterioration of our health, moving house, or a relationship ending, the effects are very similar. When we…

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A Letter to Parents who have a Child with Depression


Dear Parent, We know that things are really tough for you right now. Perhaps your child has just been diagnosed with depression, or maybe they’ve had it for a while. They might not really be a child any more, they might be a teen, a young adult, or maybe even a fully-fledged grown-up, but they’re…

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Give Yourself Permission to do the Things you Enjoy


Enjoyment. Pleasure. Fun. Happiness. Contentment. Sometimes it’s very easy to forget what they’re like. Depression whispers to us that they don’t exist, or that we don’t deserve them, or have time for them. Well, depression is wrong, and it knows it. It’s lying again. These things DO exist, and we all deserve to rediscover them….

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Depression: Coping Tips and Advice for New Parents, From Parents


There’s little that can prepare you for the moment you take your newborn baby home. They don’t come with an instruction manual. It’s a steep learning curve and it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. It’s an exciting yet daunting time. After the birth of your child, you may experience a spell of the baby blues, they’re…

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What A Panic Attack Feels Like


A panic attack is the last thing I am thinking about today. I am sitting on a train – just about to send a message to my husband saying “I did it! I’m on the train!” Getting on a train is a big deal for me you see and I am just about to congratulate myself…

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July’s BuddyBox: The Reaction

july buddybox the reaction

We designed July’s BuddyBox to encourage self-care. In the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, it’s easy to forget to be kind to ourselves – especially if our brains tell us we don’t deserve it. Our exclusive #365daysofselfcare post-it notes act as a physical reminder to make self-care a daily priority – because (like you) it matters.  A…

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Depression: How Nature Helps Me


In autumn 2011, I was off work with depression. My over-active mind was tormenting me at night and turning me into a zombie in the daytime. I found I needed to get out of the house as often as possible for a change of scenery, even if only for five or ten minutes. A positive…

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How To Tackle An Overwhelming To-Do List


Much like the feeling you get when paperwork is mounting and needs to be completed, a long to-do list can evoke anxious feelings. It doesn’t seem fair really. You make a great decision, which is to clear your head a little by jotting everyday tasks onto paper, then it feels like it’s haunting you. It’s an…

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