Mindfulness: A Beginner’s Guide

mindfulness beginners guide

Mindfulness is something we hear mentioned a lot, especially with regards to looking after our mental health. However despite all the talk, many of us are still not clear about what mindfulness actually is. Practised regularly, mindfulness can be really beneficial – so it is worth getting to grips with the basics. In this post we…

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Depression: A Guide To Different Treatment Options

Depression guide to treatment options

Unfortunately there is no ‘catch all’ cure for depression, but there are a range of treatment options available to us. Different treatments will prove helpful to different people – depending on the nature of our depression, the severity of our illness, and also our personal circumstances. In this post, we give a very brief introduction to the…

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Questions Our Friends Might Ask About Depression and How to Answer Them

questions friends ask about depression

Talking about depression with our friends can be difficult. Though we know they have our best interests in heart, their knowledge and understanding about depression might be limited. They also may have questions they want to ask us which – when we’re in the thick of our illness – we might not feel equipped to answer. Feeling…

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9 No-Nonsense Self-Care Ideas

No-Nonsense Self-Care Ideas

Self-care is essential for our well-being, yet typically it’s something that those of us with depression find difficult to prioritise. We might not believe we’re worthy of self-care (we are!) or we might not know where to begin (we created our free self-care starter kit to help with that). There’s also a misconception that self-care isn’t for everyone.  Self-care often comes with…

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Depression: Surviving Socialising

When we have depression, socialising can be tricky. We can become very isolated very quickly: we might not have ventured out for quite a while, so leaving our bedroom or house can be incredibly overwhelming. We know how incredibly hard it can be to muster the energy to leave the house and see people, and that…

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Perfectionism and Depression

Many of us who struggle with depression also have problems with perfectionism. Our depression constantly tells us that we aren’t good enough: that we should be trying harder, doing better. It tells us that we have to be perfect in every part of our lives – and when we’re not, we’re failing. But the truth…

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Teachers: How To Support Young People With Depression

Teachers support young people with depression

Around three children in every classroom have a diagnosable mental health condition. While awareness of mental health issues in the education system is improving, the amount of support both teachers and students receive can vary from school to school. For teachers, the welfare and well-being of students is obviously a priority.  As such teachers will want to…

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10 Mental Health Blogs We Enjoy Reading

One thing we love about the Internet is that it opens the door for conversation about mental health. Across the world, people use blogs as a platform to share experiences, increase awareness and understanding, and provide comfort and support. And that’s a very good thing. 10 Mental Health Blogs We Like We thought we’d pop…

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Depression: Straightening Out Those Wonky Boundaries

We all have personal boundaries: physical, emotional and mental limits we establish that let others know they can treat us, how they can behave around us, and what they can expect from us. The boundaries we adopt vary from person to person, depending on our values, beliefs and life experiences.  Ideally, our boundaries should work…

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Depression: On Making Mistakes

Depression making mistakes

Making mistakes is part of life. Unfortunately, when we have depression, the negative feelings that can come with making mistakes often get amplified. It can send us into a negative spiral and make us think and believe horrible things about ourselves. Depression can cause us to make more mistakes Some aspects of depression can cause…

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