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Kind words for unkind days

Depression: Practical Things Which Might Help

There’s no doubt about it, the more supported you feel, the better. When we feel as though we are surrounded by people who are rooting for us, on our ‘team’ with depression the opponent, we feel less of a burden, more understood and also have confidence that there are people in place to catch us…

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Some Really Good Advice for Those Who Are Going to University

Setting off to university can be an exciting time. You’re leaving home for the first time. Getting the chance to spread your wings. Furthering your education. Meeting new people and having new experiences. Managing your finances. Manage your time. For many, it’s that first proper taste of independence. And for all the above reasons, it…

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19+ Ideas for Self-Care

Self-care is absolutely vital. When we take care of ourselves, become certain of our boundaries and treat ourselves with respect, this signals to others what our standards are. What we’ll accept and not accept. Not just that, actions speak louder than words. Acts of self-care are the archenemy of those relentless negative thoughts we have….

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21 of our Favourite Apps to help with Wellbeing

We’ve been thinking a lot lately, about the media attention surrounding our smartphones and our wellbeing. We published the following tweet: Turning off the alerts on your phone can free up headspace – allowing you to check in when YOU want to, taking back some control. — The Blurt Foundation (@BlurtAlerts) August 17, 2015 Which…

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Dear Friend (is it still okay to call you that?)

Dear Friend (is it still okay to call you that?) I have been a lousy friend to you and I’m sorry. I miss you. Years ago, depression came out of nowhere and knocked me to my knees. It felt as though overnight, I turned from a lifelong member of our friendship circle into someone who…

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25 Ways You Can Support Someone With Depression

Depression is a complex illness. It’s also changeable, debilitating and confusing. And that’s for the person who is struggling. When we support someone with depression, we might feel useless, especially if you’ve not experienced mental ill health ourselves. You may struggle to find the right words, feel as though you’re treading on eggshells and be…

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41 Things Those With Depression Want You to Know

It can be hard to believe just how common depression is because we just don’t talk about it. Well, we do, but as a whole, society doesn’t tend to . There’s still a great deal of stigma and shame attached to  it. In the spirit of last week’s post, this week we asked the lovely folk…

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Depression: What You Don’t See

Depression: What You Don't See.

There’s no doubt about it, depression is a debilitating illness. It can affect absolutely every aspect of your life. Yet, so much of the suffering is not seen. To help increase awareness and understanding, we asked people to share their insights and experiences with us – we wanted to highlight the reality of depression, the…

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Mental Illness Is Not The News Story Here

The headlines today are diabolical. They make my heart sink. It is being reported that the Germanwings co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz, had a history of depression. But I think we’re missing the point. In fact, we’re entirely missing the point. Depression does not define a person. People are not the be-all and end-all of their illness….

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How Dame Kelly Holmes Inadvertently Changed My Life

As I picked up Dame Kelly Holme’s autobiography, sometime in 2010, I expected to read about her rise to the top of her game and learn about the lady who I’d seen cross the finish line to bring home gold, not once, but twice. [Image courtesy of] I didn’t expect the monumental shift in mindset which…

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