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Kind words for unkind days

Self-Care on a Budget: 10 Things to Try

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Self-care is incredibly important in helping manage and prevent depression. However, as those of us who struggle with poor mental health are more likely to have financial problems – especially if we are unable to work –  there are often real limitations in the amount we can ‘budget’ to look after ourselves. But while spa days and shopping sprees…

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Depression: 10 Books Which Aid Understanding

We’ve written posts about videos and illustrations which aid understanding of depression, and now it’s time for the humble ol’ book to make an appearance. We love books – they allow us to digest information at our own pace. To bookmark, highlight, re-visit, share with a friend and cherish. We asked our community, to share…

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Depression: Foods that Boost Mood and Energy

Depression Foods that Boost Mood and Energy

When we’re depressed, eating ‘properly’ is often the last thing on our minds.  Food is simply fuel – another item on an overwhelming to-do list of things that must be done, or a source of short-lived comfort. And yet, the foods we eat play a vital role in both our physical and our psychological health.  Making positive…

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Depression: Oh no, not again…

When I was diagnosed with depression, I assumed that it would be something that, with treatment, would get better. A one-off tough period in my life. That’s what an illness is, isn’t it?! Something you can recover from completely. I understood it might take time to recover but I was aiming for that upward line…

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Relationships & Depression: How to support each other

Depression & Relationships - How to support each other

Support is essential when we struggle with depression, and it’s good if that support can come from a variety of people and means. That said many of us a have a pivotal relationship – either romantic (with a spouse or a partner) or otherwise (with a close family member or friend) – which is put under particular stress…

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I’ve Lived With A Bully My Whole Life

I’ve lived with a bully my whole life. For as long as I remember, it’s been there. Mocking me. Criticising me. Attacking me. Telling me I’m stupid, disgusting, worthless. Bombarding me with a constant barrage of negativity. “Why did you do that? You’re such an idiot.  Surely you should know better than that by now. What a…

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Depression: Why Self-Care Matters

Depression - Why Self Care Matters

When you’re depressed, it’s difficult to care about anything – least of all ourselves. However, self-care is one of the key tools in our armoury for combating depression, so it’s important we make it a priority. What is Self-care? Self-care is the actions we undertake to look after ourselves, physically, emotionally and mentally. It incorporates the essential acts of care that…

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5 Videos Which Aid Understanding of Depression

It can be difficult to explain depression to our loved ones because at times we really struggle to understand it ourselves. We’ve put together 5 videos which explain depression brilliantly, offer insights and understanding of this debilitating illness. They also reassure us that we’re doing the best we can, and that’s all anyone can ask…

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Depression: Hello Again

Depression has reared its ugly head again. An overwhelming urge to hide away from the world. The little things have become the big things. The big things have become the impossible to deal with. A heavy heart. I’ve been here before. I’m wiser this time, I know what needs to be done. And yet it…

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Depression: Dealing With Overwhelmedness

Depression and feeling overwhelmed go hand-in-hand. Depression in itself is overwhelming because it affects every aspect of your life. It causes us to question our own abilities, skills, relationships and worth. Overwhelmedness is stifling and can stop us from taking any action at all. We fear failure, we fear rejection and we quite frankly, we…

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