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Kind words for unkind days

The Science Of Sleep

Golden Labrador asleep.

Sleep is something many of us find hard. In fact, around a third of adults in western countries struggle with sleep at least once a week. Learning about the science of sleep can give us some ideas to try and make sleep come a little easier. Why Do We Need Sleep? There are lots of…

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Skin-Picking And Hair-Pulling: Some Lesser-Known Symptoms Of Anxiety


Skin-picking, hair-pulling and other body-focused, repetitive behaviours can all be anxiety-related. They’re far more common than many of us realise, but we often feel shame associated with these behaviours, so we don’t talk about them. Because we all find it so difficult to talk about, it can feel like we’re the only person in the…

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The Difference Between Burnout And Depression

Orange and yellow bokeh.

‘Burnout’ is a term that people are becoming increasingly aware of. Many of the symptoms of burnout can be similar to those of depression and vice versa. Some people experience one but not the other, some find that one leads to the other and others experience both at the same time. It can be difficult…

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8 Ways to Emotionally Support Someone With Depression

Two older women laughing together.

When a loved one has depression, it’s sometimes hard to know what we can do to help them. Alongside practical support, emotional support can be vital. The problem is, we might be worried or scared of saying the wrong thing or have no idea what to do. Perhaps we think we’re not qualified to offer…

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The Emotional Skills It’s Important To Teach Our Children

Mum and child lying down on blankets. Child pressing Mum's nose.

If we mention the word ‘education’, many people will think of the 3r’s – Reading, wRiting, and aRithmatic. But these aren’t the only things that our children need to learn. Teaching emotional skills might not be something we consider, but learning them is just as important learning as hard facts (if not more so!). What…

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The Difference Between Hearing And Listening

Make and female chatting whilst holding mugs.

Hearing what someone says, and listening to their words, are not the same thing. There are fundamental differences between them. Listening can be harder work than hearing, but it’s important to have people in our lives who listen to us and to listen to them in return. Hearing The dictionary defines hearing as: “the process,…

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What Emotional Capacity Is and Why It’s Important

Turquoise liquid pouring into glass beaker.

Stress is our body’s normal response to increased physical and emotional pressure. When we’re repeatedly adding to our level of stress, and don’t have anything in place to counterbalance it, those stress levels go up and up until we reach our capacity, our emotional limits – negatively affecting our mental wellbeing. We all have a…

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Coping With Foggy Brain Days

Sea on misty day.

Brain fog is something that many of us deal with day in, day out. It’s not a diagnosable condition but is a common symptom for many different illnesses. Brain fog can range from being an occasional annoyance to a persistent condition which impacts many areas of our lives. What Causes Brain Fog? There are lots…

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The Mental Health Jargon Buster

Wooden scrabble tiles in a pile.

Accessing mental health services can be overwhelming. On top of the muddle of feelings we’ve got going on, we also find ourselves grappling with jargon. Someone might refer us to an SPA, who contact IAPT, who refer us to CMHT where we end up with a CPN as our CCo. It sounds like gobbledygook and…

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Losing A Loved One To Suicide

Lily on dark background.

Experiencing bereavement is really tough. Whether it’s the death of a pet, family member, friend, or even someone we see each time we go to the supermarket, it can hit us hard and send a big jumble of messy feelings our way. When our loved one dies by suicide, we experience unique challenges and our grief…

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