Recognising and Managing a Depression Relapse


Recovering from depression is rarely a smooth ride. We might have days, weeks or even months when we feel like we’re back on top, but at some point, we’re likely to face dips. It’s normal, and part of the game depression plays with us, but it can feel like a disaster – like we’re back…

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10 YouTubers Who Talk Openly About Their Mental Health


Talking openly about mental health isn’t easy. It can be a polarising topic. There are still some pretty awful out-dated views on mental health which instil fear in people. Fear of those with mental ill health. For those who are unwell, the stigma instils a fear of rejection and discrimination. When we talk openly about…

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Getting Through the Winter with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)


Many of us can notice a change in our mood and behaviour patterns as the seasons change and the long, bright, warm summer days give way to the grey, cold, shorter days of winter. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense – most animals act differently during autumn, whether that is storing food…

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Depression: Getting Social Media To Work For You


Whether you feel social media is a modern day friend or foe, there’s no denying the incredible influence it has on our lives. It’s completely altered the way we digest information, communicate with others and exchange thoughts, feelings and ideas. The link between mental health and social media is one which has been the focus…

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Depression and Parenting: 6 Low Energy Things to do With Your Children

A photo by Danielle MacInnes.

Being a parent and living with depression can feel impossible at times. Yes, being a parent is rewarding, but let’s not pretend it’s ever easy. There are little people depending on you for love, affection and attention. On top of that is the never-ending list of tasks to complete: clothes to wash, dry and iron,…

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Mental Illness: Coping With Bad Reactions From Others

A photo by Asaf R.

Having a mental illness can be tough enough, but when we’re brave enough to tell people and they have a bad reaction to it, that only serves to validate those horrible thoughts of being a burden, worthless and helpless. In addition to the shame we might already feel, we now feel silly for reaching out…

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Practical Ways To Support A Child With Depression


Having a child with depression isn’t easy and it can be really hard to know what to do or say. Often we want to do something to ‘fix’ it. There isn’t an easy fix to depression, but there are things that you can do to help. We’ve gathered a few ideas of some practical things…

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Depression: How to Challenge the Negative Thoughts


When we have depression, negative thoughts can be both a cause and a result of our mood. Those negative thoughts feed depression, and in turn it fuels them, filling our head with spiralling fear, anxiety, worries, stress, hopelessness and anger. ‘Glass half empty’? Having our heads full of these thoughts and feelings is so much…

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Talking To Your Child About Their Depression


Having a child with depression, however old they are, is difficult. We know how hard it can be to try and find the right words to say. It can be really daunting to try and talk about anything depression-related because we worry about saying the wrong thing and making things worse. We don’t want to…

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Depression: Creative Activities to Try

Depression: Creative Activities to Try

Taking part in creative activities is a great for our overall well-being. Research has found that expressing ourselves creatively helps us sort through our thoughts and feelings, allows us to make something positive out of difficult experiences (such as depression), and makes us more resilient. We are all creative If you don’t identify as a ‘creative person’,…

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