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Kind words for unkind days

Questions for my Depression

Some call it a fog. Others may refer to it as a black dog or even a darkness that takes hold. No matter what words are used to describe depression, the fact remains, there is no mistaking it. But what if one day it took on human form, and arrived on your doorstep? What if…

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Managing Depression: Hacks and Hints for Difficult Days

When depression strikes, even the simplest of tasks can feel challenging. Activities we usually take for granted – washing, dressing, facing the day – become obstacles to overcome. Experience has shown us that although our difficult days may be unavoidable, there are some practical things we can do to help ease us through. 1. SLEEP & DUVET DAYS Sleep is…

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Depression vs Confidence

Confidence – it grows on trees, doesn’t it? At least, we’d think it did if we listened to all the people who helpfully told us that we just need more confidence. But when we’re in the midst of depression, the confidence trees are in short supply. It’s a tree-free landscape – a bleak, barren moor,…

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The Difference Between Baby Blues and Postnatal Depression

During your pregnancy, you’ll have been made aware of something called the ‘Baby Blues’. The Baby Blues are a completely natural, albeit not very pleasant, part of being a new Mum. At some point too, your midwife or health visitor may have spoken to you about Postnatal Depression. Both Postnatal Depression and Baby Blues certainly…

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Practical Ways To Support Someone With Depression

When you support someone with depression it isn’t about ‘fixing them’, it’s about being supportive, listening and doing what you can to make life a little easier for them. There’s a great disparity in the way people react when you tell them you are unwell with depression, compared to being unwell with something like a…

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Panic Attacks: 6 Coping Techniques

Two hands raised in the air in front of a blurred sea background

Having a panic attack can feel like the most frightening thing you have ever experienced.  The thought of having one can affect your daily life and even stop you from doing ordinary things or going to certain places. Explaining the feeling to people who have never suffered a panic attack can be difficult. From the outside you may look like you are…

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Depression: How Poor Mental Health Can Test Friendships


In the midst of a depression fog, friendships can become hard and complicated. They morph into an unrecognisable version of you and those closest to you – a plateau of hot coals, haunted by how things used to be, exacerbated by heart-wrenching change that none of you quite understand. It’s an awful feeling. It’s also quite normal….

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Depression: Letting Loved Ones In

“Coming out” with depression is an onerous task, which can feel especially overwhelming when you’re struggling. However, opening up to loved ones can be hugely beneficial – removing the effort of concealing your illness, reducing any feelings of shame and building your support network. There are many questions you may ask yourself when contemplating talking to loved ones…

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Depression: Coping With Medication Withdrawal


Anti-depressants and anxiety medications aren’t for everyone, but those who have been prescribed them often define them as “life-saving” drugs. Sometimes though, it can take some trial and error to find the medication you get on with best. The difficulty here is that some side effects or medication withdrawal symptoms may crop up. Not always, but sometimes. If you’re about…

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Depression Awareness Week: Our #WhatYouDontSee Campaign

At Blurt, we know what it’s like to live with the stigma of depression. All too often, shame and fear force us to ‘mask’ our illness; and although public attitudes are improving, unhelpful associations about depression still abound. ‘But you don’t look depressed…’ ‘He can’t be depressed, I saw him laughing with his mates last…

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