Depression: A better future


I’ve written this piece for Blurt so that others can see it is ok to talk about mental health.  I hope people can see that even being at rock bottom you can get back to having a life – a life you want (because you choose the life you have).  I’ve been at rock bottom…

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Stop the press! By Faye


Stop the press! People who have depression & anxiety aren’t mad! Even though many times you believe it, are possibly told it, even start to believe it. You are not some deranged, psychopath out to hurt anyone or yourself…Depression doesn’t work like that and affects so many people from every walk of life. It’s easy…

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Determined to beat Depression by Tom Crews


I first experienced depression a decade ago, at the end of my first year of university, and it has continued to follow me around and ensnare me at various points in the years in between then and now. When I have been in the midst of depression’s painful grasp, full of dark thoughts and self-loathing,…

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Depression and Anger


When I first looked into writing this blog I though I would write it in third-person perspective as I now specialise in anger, stress and emotional management. But depression and anger was a big part in my life so I will write this as a sufferer of both. I left school with one GCSE above ‘C’…

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Self-employed/ Self-worth


I’ve been meaning to write this article for a while, and there’s just never been the right moment; right in the sense of the right time, as well as the right reason. Being self-employed, as anyone who is employed by themselves will tell you, means it’s never really the righttime for anything. Unfortunately this also…

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Blurt interviews Ruby Wax

Ruby Wax

At Blurt HQ, we’ve all experienced depression in some way so we appreciate the value of the work Ruby Wax does for others. Using her sheer ingenuity and wit, she paves the ways for others like us to speak out about such a debilitating illness. We were so excited to interview Ruby and she didn’t disappoint…

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Depression: Riding the recovery rollercoaster

Paul Brook

No offence to Ronan Keating, but I don’t usually turn to his songs for lessons about life. However, he had a point when he said ‘Life is a rollercoaster, just gotta ride it’, and, as I’m discovering, that same lesson applies to depression. It turns out that recovering from depression is, in some ways, like…

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Man up? Never – a blog post by Paul Brook

Paul Brook

There are some phrases or sayings that people just churn out when they don’t know what else to say. Often this is something harmless about the weather that they might chirpily say to the postman or newsagent: “Nippy outside, isn’t it?” or “Lovely day.” In football, there are mundane cliches that players, managers and pundits trot…

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Depression: Jayne’s story

Jayne Hardy The Blurt Foundation

My sister was ill with depression before I got ill and I found her difficult to live with. My once witty, vivacious sister had become very angry with the world and everyone in it. We had once been so close but suddenly there was a humungous void. Because my outward symptoms were different – I…

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Blurt interviews rugby legend, Jonny Wilkinson

Jonnny Wilkinson

I don’t know about you but I always find it humbling  when someone in the public eye finds the courage to speak out about their struggle with depression. At some point we’ve all had to make that choice, to speak out and so we can appreciate how frightening it is. Jonny Wilkinson has achieved such a…

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