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Kind words for unkind days

Grappling With Identity When Diagnosed With Depression

A white half-face mask.

Many things impact and shape our identity throughout life. Depression is one of those things. When diagnosed with depression, our sense of self and how we slot into the world can feel unsteady and the way others relate to us might change. What is identity? Identity is our sense of who we are. Our likes,…

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Mental Health: When People Tell You How They Feel, Believe Them.

Telling someone how we feel can be daunting. Getting to a place where we feel able to speak to someone can take an awful lot of courage. It’s so important that when we do share, we’re believed. We cope with feelings differently People cope with things differently. Some are talkers, and it comes relatively easily…

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Mental Illness: Communicating When We Don’t Have The Words

Mobile phone on unmade bed.

When we’re struggling with our mental health, there’s often a message to communicate. To talk about it. But when we’re struggling to find the words we need to describe our thoughts and feelings, talking feels immensely difficult. Struggling with words It’s often tricky to put thoughts and feelings into words. It becomes even harder when…

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Carrying On When The World Feels Like A Hopeless Place

Sun shines on moss and small mushroom growing on slope.

Sometimes the world can feel like a hopeless place. If we struggle with our mental health generally, then reading and seeing awful things in the news can hit particularly hard. There are days when finding that hope can be a tricky task. Hopelessness Hopelessness weighs so very heavy. Breathing can sometimes feel like a superhuman…

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Answering Mental Health Questions From Young People

Two pairs of legs and feet on coffee table. Child in foreground, adult in background.

When young people ask us tricky questions surrounding mental health, we might not know how to answer them all. Here are some examples of tricky questions we’ve been asked with example answers. Hopefully, the next time a young person asks us a similar thing, we’ll have a head-start on thinking of an answer. How do we…

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Teen Mental Health In Tricky Times

Three teens sitting on stony beach with backs to the camera.

The last few years have been tough on us all, impacting everyone’s mental health. Teen mental health is no exception. Young people have faced some challenges that adults haven’t. Exam uncertainty, grade mishaps, missing peers just at the time when peer relationships become all the more important and coping with remote/not remote/a bit remote schooling….

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Navigating The Festive Juggle: When School Activities Add More “Stuff”

Navigating the festive juggle: When school activities add more "stuff".

As the festive season approaches, diary dates stack up, another “please could you bring/remember/note…” message seems to come through daily, and it’s never long before we feel the festive frazzle. We’re eternally thankful to all those who work so hard to put smiles on our children’s faces and create wonderful memories. But navigating it without…

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A Very Thoughtful Gift Guide: 2021

Christmas card: Be gentle with yourself this Christmas.

Just like that, the festive season is upon us again, and our feeds are filling up with picture-perfect families in unrealistically tidy spaces. For some, it really is “the most wonderful time of the year”, but it can also be overwhelming, emotional, and stressful. With that in mind, we’ve created this years’ thoughtful gift guide…

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What I Mean When I Say I Don’t Know How I Am

Photo of reflection in window showing lurred woman on street.

“How are you?” is a question many of us are familiar with. It’s probably the question we get asked more often than any other. Many of us automatically respond with ‘fine thanks, you?’, because that’s the response we’ve learned to give. It’s the response we heard the adults around us trot out each time they…

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Coping With Bad Mental Health Days When We Live Alone

Female slumped over edge of sofa.

Those of us who live alone face some unique challenges when it comes to coping with bad mental health days. We don’t have the option of asking a partner to sort the dishwasher for us, or asking a housemate if they’d mind making us a cuppa. However, there are things we can do to make…

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