13 More Symptoms Of Depression We Never Talk About

Depression can cause a range of different symptoms. Some of them are regularly talked about. Many of them are not. Whatever symptoms we are experiencing, we are not alone. There are many other people all over the world who share the same struggles that we do. 1. Being Unable To Make Decisions We can feel…

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When Depression Makes Us Feel Like The ‘Black Sheep’

When Depression Makes Us Feel Like The 'Black Sheep'

A lot of us feel like we don’t belong, like we’re the black sheep. However hard we try, we just don’t feel like we quite ‘fit’. It might be within our family, friendship groups, colleagues, or somewhere else. Depression can make it worse. It tells us that we’re worthless, we’re useless, nobody likes us and…

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Depression: Making Time For Everything That Is Important To Us

Depression: Making Time for Everything That is Important to Us

Life has a habit of pulling us in all sorts of different directions. It can sometimes feel like everybody wants a piece of us, and we have no time to offer. It can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming. At times, it can leave us feeling like we have nothing left to give. Depression Can Make…

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Depression: We’re Not Faking It (But It Sometimes Feels That Way)

Depression: we're not faking it (but it sometimes feels that way)

Sometimes, we worry that we are faking or making up our depression. It doesn’t matter how many depression symptoms we have. It doesn’t matter how many professionals have told us we’re ill. And it doesn’t matter how many depression treatments we have been through. We still have times when we feel as though we are…

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Little Ways Our Loved Ones Can Help With Our Depression


When we are living with depression, it can be hard for loved ones to know how to help. They may want to show support and let us know they care, but feel unsure about how best to do this. We don’t need people to make grand gestures, but small acts of kindness can make a big…

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When Depression Won’t Let Us Get Out of Bed

When Depression Won't Let Us Get Out of Bed

There are some days when depression sticks us firmly to our bed. We know all the basic self-care advice, but it can feel a million miles away from where we are. We’re not going to be able to run a soothing bath and find a bath bomb to put in it, when we’re struggling for the…

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The School Of You BuddyBox – The Reaction

Knowing who we truly are and embracing it can be transformative. But, in a world where we’re all too aware of other people’s expectations of us, it can be a challenge. We get caught up in the ‘shoulds’ of life. We feel like we should be better, different, more. Our ‘School of You’ BuddyBox  helps…

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8 Doodles About Living With Depression

one step at a time - a doodle about living with depression

It’s not always easy to explain what it’s like to live with depression. Sometimes we can’t even understand it ourselves. Art, comics or doodles can help us explain how we feel when we don’t have words. Here are 8 images that illustrate what life can be like with depression. A dark presence Depression can hit us…

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Depression: We’re Not Being Lazy

Appearances can be deceptive, especially for those of us who are living with depression. Which is why the ‘lazy’ label can feel like a particularly cruel one. And it’s not just other people who might think we’re being lazy either – it’s often a term we use to beat ourselves up with too; for not…

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The Self-Care Project

You may have noticed that we could talk about self-care until the cows come home. Mainly because it’s a concept which helps us to be mindful of how we feel, the decisions we make, and the things we do. But also because ‘self-care’ is a term that is bandied about as being a fad and…

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