Peer Support: What It Is And Why It Helps

Peer Support takes place when people with similar lived experiences provide emotional, social or practical help to each other.  In the mental health field, Peer Support enables those who have experienced mental ill-health to connect and support each other. This can be an extremely positive experience for all involved. At Blurt, we’re big fans of Peer Support. We have our…

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Depression: Coping With Limited Energy

Depression coping with limited energy

Depression can completely zap our energy, affecting us both mentally and physically. It can also make everything we do feel more difficult, meaning it takes more energy to undertake even the most basic tasks. Combined together, these energy drains can prove really challenging. In this post, we share some ideas that can help us cope….

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Depression: Why Spending Time With Animals Might Help

depression spending time with animals help

Lots of us love animals. Our cuddly and feathery friends can really help us to feel better about ourselves, and about life. Their presence can lift our mood and be very comforting. In this post we explore how animals can help our mental health, and some ways we can introduce them to our lives. How do they help?…

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Depression: Habits That Help Us Through

Depression Habits That Help Us Through

Depression is rough. When we’re in the thick of it, life can feel incredibly difficult.  Even the simplest tasks can feel overwhelming, and the things we used to enjoy become meaningless. While we can’t magically make depression go away (if only we could!), there are healthy habits we can adopt that might help ease the pain a little…

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Depression: Why It’s Sometimes Hard To Trust Happiness

Depression: Why It's Sometimes Hard to Trust Happiness

When we have depression – particularly when we have had depression for a long time – it can be hard to trust any improvements in our mood.  Happiness is so unfamiliar, it feels scary and unpredictable. We might not know how to cope with it. Here we share some of the reasons that happiness can be hard to trust…

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Mindfulness: A Beginner’s Guide

mindfulness beginners guide

Mindfulness is something we hear mentioned a lot, especially with regards to looking after our mental health. However despite all the talk, many of us are still not clear about what mindfulness actually is. Practised regularly, mindfulness can be really beneficial – so it is worth getting to grips with the basics. In this post we…

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Depression: A Guide To Different Treatment Options

Depression guide to treatment options

Unfortunately there is no ‘catch all’ cure for depression, but there are a range of treatment options available to us. Different treatments will prove helpful to different people – depending on the nature of our depression, the severity of our illness, and also our personal circumstances. In this post, we give a very brief introduction to the…

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Questions Our Friends Might Ask About Depression and How to Answer Them

questions friends ask about depression

Talking about depression with our friends can be difficult. Though we know they have our best interests in heart, their knowledge and understanding about depression might be limited. They also may have questions they want to ask us which – when we’re in the thick of our illness – we might not feel equipped to answer. Feeling…

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9 No-Nonsense Self-Care Ideas

No-Nonsense Self-Care Ideas

Self-care is essential for our well-being, yet typically it’s something that those of us with depression find difficult to prioritise. We might not believe we’re worthy of self-care (we are!) or we might not know where to begin (we created our free self-care starter kit to help with that). There’s also a misconception that self-care isn’t for everyone.  Self-care often comes with…

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Depression: Surviving Socialising

When we have depression, socialising can be tricky. We can become very isolated very quickly: we might not have ventured out for quite a while, so leaving our bedroom or house can be incredibly overwhelming. We know how incredibly hard it can be to muster the energy to leave the house and see people, and that…

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