Depression: We Don’t Need To Be Ashamed

Depression - We Don't Need to be Ashamed

Depression often comes with feelings of embarrassment and shame. Sometimes these feelings come from ourselves; sometimes they’re put on us by other people. Unfortunately, some stigma surrounding mental illness remains. But we shouldn’t have to feel ashamed. Depression is an illness, not an embarrassing habit. We Are Not Alone Depression affects more than 300 million people worldwide….

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Depression: Coping With A Fear Of The Dentist

Depression Coping With a Fear of the Dentist

One in four people have a fear of the dentist. If we worry about dental appointments, it’s something we are absolutely not alone in. But depression can make the problem worse.  Because we struggle with self-care, we might not look after our teeth as well as we should, which can cause our fear of the…

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Depression: Coping With Medication Side Effects

Depression Coping With Medication Side Effects

Medication can be a helpful tool in managing depression. The medication – or medications – our doctor prescribes us will vary from person to person. It’s always important to take medication as prescribed. As with all medications, there is a risk we will experience side effects. Most are manageable – but in some occasions people do react badly…

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Depression: How And When To Ask For Help

Depression How and When to Ask for Help

Depression can be a very lonely and isolating illness. Getting support from others can help keep us going. However, it can be hard to know when to reach out for help, and how to go about asking for it. In this post we offer some advice about reaching out. When To Reach Out The NHS say that…

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Depression: What Employers Can Do To Help Us Back To Work

Depression: What Employers Can Do To Welcome Us Back To Work

Depression can sometimes mean that we need to take sick leave from work for a while. If we we have to take time off, we don’t need to be ashamed. With 12.7% of all sickness absence days being due to mental health conditions, we’re definitely not alone. When we’re able to return to work, there…

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Depression: How To Be A Friend To Ourselves

Depression How To Be A Friend To Ourselves

Being a friend to ourselves can be really difficult when we’re depressed.  Depression plays havoc with our self-esteem, and we’re often really mean to ourselves. We say things to ourselves that we would never say to another person. We treat ourselves in ways that we wouldn’t dream of treating anyone else. Self-care and self-compassion are vital…

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Depression: Surviving Summer

depression surviving summer blank

When summer arrives, it feels like everyone around us is popping on shorts, lighting up the BBQ, and inviting the neighbours round for Pimm’s. People seem lighter and brighter when the sun comes out. But for many of us that’s not the case. The sun doesn’t send our mental illness a memo asking it to kindly leave us alone. Depression…

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Depression: Coping With The Urge To Run Away

Depression Coping With the Urge to Run Away

When we have depression, we sometimes feel like we want to run away from everything. Life can feel overwhelming and claustrophobic. Leaving it all behind and starting from scratch can seem very appealing. But running away from everything isn’t usually an option – or the answer. In this post we share some ideas on how to manage…

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Depression: Artists Who Illustrate Exactly How We Feel

Depression Artists Who Illustrate Exactly How We Feel

There are lots of artists out there creating work about mental health issues. With the stroke of a pen and some well-chosen words, they illustrate exactly how we feel. In this post we share some of our favourites. Beth Evans Beth creates lots of very relatable drawings. All of her drawings are empathetic. Each image gives us a ‘yes,…

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22 Apps That Help Our Mental Health

Although we love our phones, many of us find them a source of stress. Scrolling through insta-perfect images can impact on our self-esteem, and constant notifications are overwhelming and tiring. However, our phones can also be super self-care tools. There are lots of apps out there designed to help us manage our mental health. In a…

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