When Depression Makes Us Feel Numb To Everything

Sometimes depression can give us overwhelming feelings of sadness and despair. At other times, we feel nothing at all. Emotional numbness can be a symptom of depression. We feel numb to everything around us and everything inside of us. It can leave us feeling totally disconnected from the world. Emotional Numbness When we feel emotionally…

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How To Let People Know We’re Having Suicidal Thoughts

If we’re feeling suicidal then telling someone can help. Unfortunately, talking about how we feel isn’t always very easy. Finding the words can be hard, particularly when we need to talk about something as difficult as suicide. We might also experience a lot of anxiety and fear around telling someone how we feel. Who Do…

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13 Everyday Things That Mental Ill-Health Makes Difficult

13 Everyday Things That Mental-Ill Health Makes Difficult

Mental ill-health can affect every aspect of our lives, each and every day that we’re unwell. It can be hard to explain to those who’ve never experienced it quite how it can seep into everything we try to do and make everyday things seem extraordinarily difficult. Often we become so used to managing our condition…

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Blurt’s At Rock-bottom: Sending Out An SOS

This has been re-written over and over and I’m still not sure the words I’ve used are the right words. You know when you’re in those bottomless pits and you feel as though asking for help is futile because you’re not sure you’re worthy of it, you don’t want to be a burden and you’re…

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Talking About Our Mental Health Isn’t Always Easy

Talking About Our Mental Health Isn't Always Easy

We often see messages encouraging us to talk about our mental health, to tell others how we’re feeling. Well-meaning messages often suggest that we reach out for help and list phone numbers that we can ring if we’re struggling. These messages are all fantastic in principle. The problem is that sometimes, no matter how much we…

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Our ‘Captain Of My Own Ship’ BuddyBox – The Reaction

There are times when we feel like passengers in our own lives; there’s someone else at the helm, steering our ship. Even when we can see rocky shores on the horizon and the wind’s picking up around us, we don’t feel able, nor equipped, to control the direction that we’re going. A collision seems almost…

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We’re Allowed To Say No

We're Allowed To Say No

‘No’ is often one of our first words. As a toddler, it’s usually one of our favourite words. But as we get older many of us find that it becomes harder and harder to use our no. It can feel far easier for us just to say yes, even if it’s at the expense of…

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When We Move House And Depression Comes With Us

When We Move House But Depression Comes With Us

Most of us will move house at some point in our life. This might be for a positive reason such as moving in with a partner, buying our first home, getting a new job, or moving to university. For others, it could be a much more difficult move. We might have to move away from…

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How Menopause Can Affect Our Mental Health

Menopause is part of growing older for many people. It’s a natural part of life – but that doesn’t mean that it’s always straightforward. Menopause can affect both our physical and mental health. We’re more likely to find that it affects our mental health if we’ve had mental health issues earlier on in life. Menopause…

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11 Ways We Can Manage Our Anxiety When (We’re) In Public

11 Ways We Can Manage Our Anxiety When (We're) In Public

Being in public can make it much harder to manage our levels of anxiety even for those of us who’ve struggled with anxiety for a long time and have developed some coping strategies to help us to manage the way we feel. When we’re in public, not only are we likely to have higher levels…

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