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Evening anxiety, when we wind down our anxiety ramps up

Someone reading a book. We can see the book and their legs, as though they're up on a footstool.

Anxiety can happen at any time of day, but some of us notice that our anxiety often gets worse in the evening. We’ve finally reached the point in the day where we can sit on the sofa and try to wind down before bed… but our evening anxiety has other ideas. Some days, it can…

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Sleep problems: When a good night’s sleep is just a dream

Dark shadows of trees under a navy blue, starry sky.

Many of us find sleep tricky. Whether we’re too busy to go to bed on time, frequently lie awake until the early hours, or have a toddler who apparently thinks 3am is morning, sleep problems can be a real struggle. In fact, in 2020, the Mental Health Foundation found that 48% of adults and 66%…

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When Everything Is Going Well… Except Our Mental Health

Person sat on stairwell, elbows on knees and head on hands.

Sometimes everything in our life is going well… except our mental health. It can stir up all sorts of emotions and thoughts. We might not understand it. Perhaps we feel guilty, hopeless, frustrated, and deeply ashamed. But there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Poor mental health, and mental illness, can happen to anyone at any…

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Depression: Why We’re So Exhausted

For many of us living with depression, it’s tricky to remember a time when exhaustion wasn’t part of our life. When we didn’t feel bone-achingly tired. Not just “I need a nap” tired. But totally, utterly, completely, depleted. What does depression exhaustion feel like? Depression exhaustion is unlike physical exhaustion. While we might be shattered…

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Questions people have when starting therapy

Pieces of card in different stages of beige. They're shaped as speech bubbles, thought bubbles, and question marks.

When we first start thinking about accessing therapy, questions can whizz around our brain and keep us up at night. It can be hard to know where to put them. We might not be sure how to ask and sometimes might not even be sure quite what it is we’re asking. We’ve collected a bumper…

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Assembling An ‘On The Go’ Coping Kit

A rucksack on row of clothes pegs.

Having things that help us cope at home is great – but what about when we leave the house? Many of us struggle with going outside. The world can be an overwhelming, sensory-nightmare, people-y sort of place. Assembling an ‘on the go’ coping kit allows us to have that little box, pouch or bag of…

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Our Favourite Mental Health Podcasts

Woman head back, mouth open, white earphones in ears.

When we’re feeling not-so-great, podcasts can be more accessible than the overwhelm of a TV show or the concentration required to read a book. The problem is, there are so many out there, that it can be hard to know where to start. We might quite like listening to podcasts that discuss mental health, but…

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Grappling With Identity When Diagnosed With Depression

A white half-face mask.

Many things impact and shape our identity throughout life. Depression is one of those things. When diagnosed with depression, our sense of self and how we slot into the world can feel unsteady and the way others relate to us might change. What is identity? Identity is our sense of who we are. Our likes,…

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Mental Health: When People Tell You How They Feel, Believe Them.

Telling someone how we feel can be daunting. Getting to a place where we feel able to speak to someone can take an awful lot of courage. It’s so important that when we do share, we’re believed. We cope with feelings differently People cope with things differently. Some are talkers, and it comes relatively easily…

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Mental Illness: Communicating When We Don’t Have The Words

Mobile phone on unmade bed.

When we’re struggling with our mental health, there’s often a message to communicate. To talk about it. But when we’re struggling to find the words we need to describe our thoughts and feelings, talking feels immensely difficult. Struggling with words It’s often tricky to put thoughts and feelings into words. It becomes even harder when…

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