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Depression: The Things You Don’t See When I’m Working

A mechanic working on the underside of a vehicle.

1 in 6.8 people in the average workplace experience mental health problems. Working whilst living with depression can be exhausting. There is a lot that people don’t see. Sometimes it can feel as though we’re almost living two different lives. When others understand our experiences, it can help us to feel less alone. Separate work…

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Recognising and Coping With Perinatal Depression

Two hands holding a pregnancy bump. One appears set appears to be the owner of the bump, the second set someone behind them.

Having a baby can be a wonderful, scary, overwhelming, exciting, joyous, and anxious time. Every emotion can come our way (often multiple times a day). Unfortunately, for some, the overriding emotion we feel is depression. Perinatal depression can be really tough to cope with. What does perinatal mean? Perinatal means before, and after birth; antenatal…

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Teen Mental Health In Tricky Times

Three teens sitting on stony beach with backs to the camera.

The last few years have been tough on us all, impacting everyone’s mental health. Teen mental health is no exception. Young people have faced some challenges that adults haven’t. Exam uncertainty, grade mishaps, missing peers just at the time when peer relationships become all the more important and coping with remote/not remote/a bit remote schooling….

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Coping With Bad Mental Health Days When We Live Alone

Female slumped over edge of sofa.

Those of us who live alone face some unique challenges when it comes to coping with bad mental health days. We don’t have the option of asking a partner to sort the dishwasher for us, or asking a housemate if they’d mind making us a cuppa. However, there are things we can do to make…

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