The Very Thoughtful Gift Guide

As the festive frazzle kicks in, most of us are used to battling crowds, and weaving in and out of sweaty shops, on the hunt for the ideal gift. When shopping online, we swap hunting for an elusive car-parking space, for scrolling around website after website, trying to tick off our gift list.

It’s time to stop scrolling; we’ve got you covered.

We know how stressful, frustrating, and time-consuming gift-buying can be. So we’ve put together this handy list of thoughtful gifts all in one place.

Every single one of our gifts supports our vital work. They support us to increase understanding and awareness of depression all over the world. This year alone, our website has been accessed by 968,422 people, we’ve created a Coronavirus Helpful Hub, published 32 new blog articles, worked with over 150 schools, colleges and universities, hosted 230 (and counting) 11am check-ins, donated products to the NHS, schools and non-profits, reached people from over 25 different countries, and created a wealth of free downloadable resources which have been downloaded 24,801 times so far.

Each gift is packaged by our wonderful warehouse elves. If you’d like to add a Christmas card, you can find them here, and our elves would be more than happy to pop a note in it from you (just let us know what you’d like it to say when you checkout), and we can send it directly to your loved one. If you choose to buy gifts as part of a Build Your Own Buddy Box then we’ve even got a special festive sleeve.

Grab a hot drink, stick another log on the fire, cuddle up in the cosiest blanket available, take a slow breath out, and let’s dive in.

Gifts Our Little ‘Uns Love

‘Today I’m Proud That I…’ Sticky Notes | £3.50

Today I'm Proud That I Sticky Notes

Our little ‘uns never fail to make us proud. Often, they don’t know quite how amazing they are – that’s where these sticky notes come in. Sit down at the end of each day, and think of one thing you’re proud of together. Pop them on the wall, in their lunch box, or keep them in a special box to read on a bad day. There’s so much our youngsters have to be proud of; our job is to help them see it.

Bravery Bear Iron On Patch | £5.00

The world can be a big, scary place. With bravery bear by our side, we have extra bravery back-up to help us to tackle tricky tasks. Iron onto clothes or sew somewhere special. Bravery bear’s got our back.

Cotton Twist Make Your Own Superhero Mask | £2.65

Playing dress-up is made all the more fun when our little ‘uns are in charge of creating and designing their own superhero mask.

Pockets Of Comfort

Sknfed Organic Hand Cream – Sweet Orange | £7.95

Sknfed Sweet Orange Hand Cream

Our hands are currently anxious hands, winter hands, and washed-65-times-a-day hands. They definitely need some love. This soothing hand cream is ever-to-comforting with sweet orange smell to help us feel grounded.

Watch Carefully The Magic A4 Print | £8.00

Watch Carefully The Magic Print

Comfort is like a magic spell helping us to come alive. Sometimes we need a little reminder of that – having this print our wall reminds us of it daily.

Pockets Of Comfort Scratch Cards | £8.95

Not only does scratching these cards fill us with a warm, nostalgic, glow, but they also reveal comforting reminders that we can pop in our pocket and look at whenever we need to.

The Self-Helpful Selection

How To Grow Your ‘No’ Mapology Guide | £5.00

The festive season can wreak havoc with our boundaries. The perfect gift (and self-gift) for those who find it difficult to say ‘no’ and get caught up in knots with all the yeses they’ve handed out willy-nilly.

The Happiness Planner | £8.95

The Happiness Planner

Although we can’t precisely plan our mood (wouldn’t that be nice?!), our happiness planner guides us through planning our time to make room for some positive plans and little lifts.

Make Every Day A Self-Care Day Sticker Book | £6.50

These stickers help to make self-care planning a whizz. With over 150 stickers to help prioritise and plan-in the things which matter to you in your diary, planner or bujo.

Self-Care Tools

‘Self-Care Champion’ Enamel Pin | £7.00

Sometimes we forget to put ourselves first. Well not anymore, nope. This pin reminds us that we really are (or aspire to be) a turtley awesome self-care champion. It’s time to whip that ‘no’ back out, shuffle our schedule around, and remember how worthy we are.

54 Self-Care Ideas | £8.95

54 Self-Care Ideas ChristmasIt’s all well and good knowing that we need to ‘self-care’, but often we might as well be trying to design a bridge from earth to the moon – we have absolutely no idea where to start. That’s where this card pack comes in – 54 ideas to kick-start our self-care.

Illustrated Self-Care Reminder Prints – Set Of 12 | £16.00

Self-Care Prints Christmas

We might start our ‘self-care’ journey with the best of intentions. But it’s so easy to forget our worth and watch our self-care tumble down the priority list. Popping reminders on the wall, in our car, in our diary, on our desk, on the kitchen cupboard, stuck to the fridge, around our mirror, and almost anywhere else we can think of makes it much easier to remember how worthy we are and keep self-care firmly on our priority list.

Gifts For Stationery Lovers

A6 2021 Desktop Calendar | £5.95

A6 2021 Desktop Calendar

With so many of us working from home, this calendar not only brightens up our (makeshift) desks but the monthly ‘you are enough’ reminders are timely and important.

Greeting Cards | £2.95 each

Whether we enjoy pen-palling with friends, sliding notes under our housemate’s door, or covering our wall in positivity, we’ve got a greeting card for that.

Every Day Is A Self-Care Day Planner Pad | £8.95

Self-Care Planner

We might not always believe it, but every day is a self-care day (we just have to decide to make it that way!). Our undated planner pad gently guides us through planning our day the self-care way.

Gifts That Press Pause

‘Peopled Out’ Door Hanger | £3.50

Being surrounded by people, either remotely or in person, can get a bit much sometimes, and the festive season can amplify this. This door hanger reminds those we live with that we need to pop in a pause and have some alone time.

Miss Patisserie Vegan Bath Slab | £6.00

Baths are nice, but baths that smell of banana popcorn, rose, pear, peach or birthday cake are even better! The best bit is, we only need a chunk or two for each blissful bath we have, so each slab lasts for ages!

54 Reasons Why It’s Important To Rest, Relax And Recharge | £8.95

Reasons It's Important To Rest And Recharge

We’re often the first to tell our friends to take a break. But are we any good at applying that logic to ourselves? Possibly not. When the frazzle kicks in and the brain gremlins whisper, it can be tricky to convince ourselves that we’re ‘allowed’ to rest. So here are 54 reminders to help us on our way.

Pick-Me-Up Gifts

Build Your Own BuddyBox Care Package | £24.95

A care package like no other; fully customisable from the box sleeve to the greeting card you choose, the note you include, and which of the 5 self-caring and self-helpful products you choose. These are one of our bestsellers, too.

54 Kind Cards For Unkind Days | £8.95

Kind Cards For Unkind Days

What is it with life sometimes? It likes to hit us with everything it’s got, all at once, making it hard to remember that there’s kindness in the world. Kids are often far wiser than we are, and these 54 cards written and illustrated by youngsters from Delaware Primary Academy, never fail to make us smile. These cards are particularly special, because 30% of proceeds go directly towards our education programme: The Blurt Peer Project.

Cotton Clara Rainbow Banner Embroidery Board Kit | £8.95

Cotton Clara Rainbow Banner Embroidery Board Kit

We love this kit, it’s really relaxing to follow, taking our mind off things for a while as we focus on creating a colourful rainbow. Once finished, pop it in a window for the world to see, or hang it on a wall to add a bit of colour.

For Those Who Find The Festive Season Tough

Self-Kindness Squad Declaration A4 Print | £8.00

Self-Kindness Squad Declaration A4 Print

We can be so mean to ourselves. In our head, say stuff that we’d never dream of saying to someone else. Practising self-kindness can be tough. This print officially identifies us as a member of the self-kindness squad. Display it proudly as a daily reminder to treat ourselves as well as we treat others, and celebrate ourselves for all that we are.

A3 Merry Calm-mas Advent Calendar | £8.00

a3 Merry Calm-ma Advent Calendar With 31 Self-Care Prompts

As the world starts to twinkle and sparkle, we don’t always feel so twinkly or sparkly ourselves. With a self-care prompt behind each door, our advent calendar helps us to make self-care a priority. A daily reminder that we’re allowed to put ourselves first.

Kind Words For Unkind Days Book | £12.99

“You deserve kindness”, is a phrase that’s far easier to direct at others than to apply to ourselves. Our brand-spanking-new book offers the kindest of words for the unkindest of days. It’s perfect for times when we’re struggling to bring those kind words to mind.

Little Somethings

Cut-Out And Make Cool Cat | £2.95

Cut-Out And Make Cool Cat

Have you ever seen a cat so cool as this cool cat? Cool Cat Cut-out Can Create Comfort and Calm on Calamitous oCcasions.

Pop out his pieces, slot them together, stand him on a shelf, and whenever it’s needed, look into those heart-eyes and be overcome with ‘you are feeling cool, calm and collected’ vibes.

Space Mask | £3.50

(or buy a box of 5 for £15, keep one for yourself and send the others as gifts!)

Everyone loves space masks. These self-heating, jasmine-fragranced eye masks can whisk us away, keeping the frazzle at bay.

MohDoh | £4.99

With a squish, a stretch, and the odd squidge, mohdoh helps us to self-soothe. Infused with essential oils, mohdoh comes in four ‘flavours’: sleep, breathe, calm, and unwind.

Postage Dates

Finally, we wanted to let you know that our final order date to give your gift the best chance to arrive by 25th December are:

  • 17th December for UK 2nd class postage orders
  • 20th December for UK 1st class postage orders
  • 9th December for European orders
  • 3rd December for orders outside of Europe

We hope that wherever you are and whatever you’re doing this December, it’s as frazzle-free as possible. Thank you for supporting our work – we really couldn’t do it without you.

Your donations mean we can continue our important work which not only changes lives, it saves them too – THANK YOU!

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