Carrying A Burden Doesn’t Make You A Burden

Many of us go through life carrying all sorts of baggage that doesn’t half weigh us down. This ‘baggage’ can feel like a burden. Sometimes we feel as though the burden we’re carrying makes us a burden. As though everything that weighs so heavily on us will mean that we weigh down all those we interact with. But carrying a burden doesn’t mean that we become, or are, a burden.

carrying a burden doesn't make you a burden

Everyone Has ‘Baggage’

We all have ‘baggage’. That doesn’t mean that our ‘baggage’ doesn’t matter, or that it’s any less valid than the things that others are experiencing. It just means that absolutely everyone has things going on in their lives that weigh on them to some extent. For us, that could be our depression or anxiety and the ways that they affect us. For others, it could be their health, the health of those they love, problems at work, issues with their children, problems with their house, or something else entirely.

We are not a burden just because we have ‘baggage’ that burdens us. We are human.

Depression Can Make Our ‘Baggage’ Heavier

Our existing burdens can feel so much heavier when we live with depression. They can feel harder to cope with, and it can take much longer to work through them. Because it takes us so long to work through the things that weigh heavy on us, our pile of burdens can stack up.

We Are Not Our Burdens

When we carry a bag, we don’t turn into a bag. In the same way, when we carry a burden, we don’t become that burden.

Sometimes our burdens become so overwhelming that they’re all we can think about and it might reach the point where they feel like part of who we are. We often worry about how our burdens will affect those around us. When we feel as though we are a burden, we might begin to isolate ourselves from our loved ones because we don’t want to negatively affect them. On top of that, our burdens can affect our confidence and leave us feeling as though others don’t want us around.

A Problem Shared Is A Problem Halved

Sharing our burdens can help to lighten the load we’re carrying. This can give us the headspace to work through some of the things that are weighing us down. Talking about our burden doesn’t mean that we’re burdening others, it means that we’re seeking mutual support.

A Burden Is A One-Way Thing

Burdens work in one direction. They weigh us down, but they don’t offer anything in return.

Our relationships are two-way things. We talk to others about the things we’re coping with and ask them for help and support. But when they need some help, we’re usually the first to jump up and offer a hand.

If we were a burden, our relationships would be all taking and no giving. In reality, our relationships are often a bit of give-and-take. We offer mutual support to one another.

We Didn’t Choose To Carry A Burden

There was never a point where we sat down and said to ourselves ‘do you know what? I quite fancy carrying a burden at the moment’. Unfortunately, life just happens and can leave us carrying more than our fair share of ‘things to cope with’.

This absolutely does not mean that we’re a burden. It just means that we might need a little extra help and support for a while to help us to cope with everything we’re carrying.

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