Our ‘Bringing Boundaries Back’ BuddyBox – The Reaction

Aside from ‘Blurt’, and ‘ BuddyBox’, our favourite ‘B’ word is: Boundaries. It took us a while to realise the importance of boundaries. When our boundaries are wonky, we struggle to put ourselves first. We people-please, avoid conflict, do things that we don’t want to, and say ‘yes’ to everyone else’s requests, usually at the expense of saying ‘no’ to ourselves. We often end up feeling both exhausted and unfulfilled, resentful and guilty.

March’s BuddyBox was designed to help us straighten up those boundaries. It’ll help us to become aware of our boundaries (or lack thereof), help us define our boundaries, and enable us to assert them. Let’s try saying yes to ourselves more – we promise that it’ll feel good.

Our 'Bringing Boundaries Back' BuddyBox - The Reaction

This boundary work is both hard work, and takes courage. Sisu will inspire you to make the changes you’ve been putting off. We’ve included the calm balm to aid relaxation, and the cup of courage as a reminder that you can do this. Anger is often a symptom that our boundaries have been compromised, and this wonderful Mapology Guide is a fantastic tool for working through that. Lastly, the beaver bookmark affirms the importance to saying ‘yes’ to you too.

You can see what some of our Blurt fam thought of this uplifting hug-in-a-box below. If you want to grab a box for yourself – or a loved one – you can head over to our shop.

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Thank you, however sent this. It was a lovely surprise to get from the postman. #blurtbuddybox #surprise #thankyou

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Day 72: #boundries #healthyboundaries #mentalhealth #blurtfoundation #buddybox #365daysofpositivity #365photochallenge

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