Google Searches: Does Anxiety…?

Anxiety can cause lots of different thoughts and feelings, both physical and mental. Sometimes this leaves us with more questions than answers. We’re often not sure if the things we’re experiencing are ‘normal’ and there’s so much that’s not openly spoken about. Sometimes we question whether they’re caused by anxiety or by something completely different. Google is often our first port of call when we have these types of questions, so we’ve compiled 10 popular Google searches starting with ‘Does Anxiety…?’ to try and provide some answers.

Google Searches: Does Anxiety...?

Does Anxiety Cause Pain?

Yes, it can do. On top of the mental pain that anxiety can bring, there are often physical symptoms, too. This can include things like headaches, muscle pain, and digestive problems, all of which can be painful. Anxiety is not the only thing that can cause pain, so if we are concerned about an ongoing ache or pain that we’re experiencing, it can be helpful to speak to a professional about it.

Does Anxiety Go Away?

Anxiety can be treated and can go into remission – in that sense, it can go away. Unfortunately, at the moment, there isn’t a cure for anxiety. Some people may experience an episode of anxiety, recover from it, and never have another episode ever again. For others, it can be something that comes and goes.

Does Anxiety Make You Feel Sick?

Anxiety can cause a number of different physical symptoms, including feeling sick. Stress, which is closely linked to anxiety, can worsen acid reflux, which can also cause us to feel sick.

Does Anxiety Cause IBS?

There’s research around the effects of anxiety on our gastrointestinal system. It’s currently thought that anxiety is a significant risk factor for developing IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and that those who have both IBS and anxiety experience their IBS symptoms for a longer period of time.

Does Anxiety Medication Work?

We are all different, so medication works differently for all of us. There are a number of different medication options when it comes to anxiety, and medication is just one treatment option. For some of us, the first medication we try for anxiety will work really well for us. Others might have to try a number of different medications before we find one that works, and for some of us, medication mightn’t work for us at all.

Does Anxiety Cause Weight Loss?

Anxiety can cause weight loss. It can also cause weight gain. There are a number of different things that could cause weight loss when we have anxiety. Anxiety can cause us to have a lack of appetite. Some of us may experience stomach upsets and frequent bowel movements as a result of our anxiety. Sometimes this can mean that we reduce how much we eat because we’re so worried about how it might affect us. Anxiety can affect how our body absorbs our food, which can also cause us to lose weight.

Does Anxiety Make You Angry?

There is a link between anger and anxiety. Anxiety often triggers our ‘fight or flight’ response. The ‘fight’ response can come out as anger. If we’re feeling increasingly angry, but we’re not sure why, it could help to think about whether our anger is actually a manifestation of our anxiety.

Google Searches: Does Anxiety...?

Does Anxiety Medication Help?

There are lots of different types of anxiety medication, and they’ll all affect people differently because we’re all unique. Some people will find anxiety medication helpful, others might find that it’s not helpful or unhelpful, and some people might find it actively unhelpful. When it comes to medication, it’s important to take it according to medical advice, and to be open with our doctor about how helpful it is, so that we’re able to get the best treatment possible.

Does Anxiety Make You Dizzy?

Anxiety can cause dizziness. It can do strange things with our vision. Sometimes we need to sit, or lie, down until it passes. We might feel unsteady on our feet and our world can spin. Our dizziness can come in the form of ‘dizzy spells’, or it could be constant, and it can exacerbate the anxiety we’re already experiencing.

Does Anxiety Cause Itching?

When we are anxious, it can stimulate a stress response in our body. This response can result in our body becoming hyperstimulated which might cause us to feel itchy. The itchiness we feel when we’re anxious could also be due to changes in our breathing, mineral deficiencies, or medication side effects.

We deserve help and support with our anxiety. If we are experiencing symptoms that we’re worried about, it’s always a good idea to speak to a medical professional about our concerns.

Please help us to help others, you never know who might need it.