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As January beckons we’re encouraged to start thinking of New Year’s Resolutions. What are we going to achieve? How are we going to do it? After all, it’s NEW YEAR, NEW YOU time! In reality, many of us will have broken these resolutions by the middle of January, either because we were perhaps a little over-ambitious or unrealistic, or because life has thrown a few lemons our way.

Unfortunately, we are often not as in-control as we’d like to be, and life is unpredictable. When things do go wrong, it’s all too easy to start berating ourselves.

January’s BuddyBox was designed to help when those unexpected things crop up, and we start to feel like we’re losing our grip. It’ll help us pause and take stock, giving us an opportunity to refresh and recharge.

Our 'Waddle Be, Will Be' BuddyBox - The Reaction

Things are getting a litttttle bit hectic around these parts and when the world gets loud, protecting our boundaries becomes even more important.

The festive hullaballoo can’t half knock our socks off and we’re often left reeling from the knackeredness but encouraged to jump up and make alllll the changes. Instead, let’s take stock, rest-up and give ourselves the chance to refresh. We’ve included a not-yet-released Maya Angelou Pocket Book of Wisdom which inspires and fills our heads with buckets of positive vibes whilst we sip on a hot mug of Refresh Me tea. There’s a Refresh Shobu for your shower or foot bath and some Seascape Refresh Hand and Nail cream, both help us to tend to our weary limbs and hands. We couldn’t not include these Pingu pens which make writing up our dreams, journals and braindumping all the more fun.

You can see what some of our Blurt fam thought of this comforting hug-in-a-box below. If you want to grab a box for yourself – or a loved one – you can head over to our shop.

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Friends, I am a very happy piggy! ?? I am home again with the rest of my plushie family, and daddy is back from his trip! ? Sadly he has the flu, so we can’t cuddle him. Poor daddy! ???? While we were away, mummy’s January “Buddy Box” from @theblurtfoundation arrived! ? We have posted about it before, but just in case you didn’t see it, or don’t know about it, the Buddy Box is a monthly “self-care” subscription box, designed to support people with depression. It has little treats to help you look after yourself, and do something nice for yourself, when you’re feeling low! ? It’s a wonderful idea that brightens mummy’s day when it arrives. ? In this month’s box we got some refreshing Spearmint & Eucalyptus tea, a Maya Angelou book, a shower bomb, some hand cream, and a cute fluffy pen for journaling! It’s hard to see in the picture, but the pen has Pingu on it, so of course it is Penguin Puff’s favourite item! ? I myself am most looking forward to the yummy tea! ?? Hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday, my friends! ?? #theadventuresofpigglypuff #plushie #plushies #plushiesofinstagram #plushielife #plushielove #plushiefriends #plushiecommunity #plushietherapy #selfcare #buddybox #blurtfoundation #anxiety #depression #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #selfcarematters

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